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Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. sold for $300,000

No site resolves, even though it’s owned by media company Advance Publications, which owns Conde Nast, among other holdings. They have some killer domains, such as the developed,,,,,, and many more.

2. sold for $133,000

The domain was picked up by T.C. Pharma, which they describe as, “a great Thai enterprise representing all that is good about Thailand and brings honour to our country on the global stage through our products and services.” The company has a variety of drink and snack products, and they appear to have been one of the original creators of the Red Bull energy drinks. The domain has an Alexa rank near 450,000.


3. sold for $61,450

The ‘coming soon’ lander is below, and it also states the domain is not for sale. It was acquired by Electronic Creations Corporation, an “internet development company that provides unique electronic services tailored for the web.  Our company leases great websites, as a part of an entire package of leasing services.  Building and leasing websites are our business.” The company owns other domains such as,, and, many of which have been acquired in the last year or two.


4. sold for $50,000

This is another this week that was a shortener — in this case an abbreviation for Rhodes Food Group. “Rhodes Food Group is an internationally recognised producer of fresh, frozen and long life convenience meal solutions for customers and consumers throughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and in major global markets.”


5. sold for $44,000

The domain is currently owned by domainer Glenn Smith of, and it forwards to his developed site.


6. sold for $35,200

The domain was an upgrade from, and it’s the traffic leader for the week with its Alexa rank near 300,000. “ is a United States Veteran Owned and Operated company operating out of Evansville, Indiana. Countless hours of hard work and determination, as well as a little luck, have helped to become one of the internet’s most trusted and successful specialty linen providers.


7. sold for $33,200

The domain is parked.

8. sold for $29,000

This domain was an upgrade from for the apparel and gift company based in Johannesburg. “For more than 25 years, BARRON has fulfilled a promise to our customers …. a promise of quality, value and trust. Today BARRON is both the largest and leading corporate and promotional brand in Africa.


9. sold for $27,000

Domain is parked.

10. sold for $24,000

No site resolves.

Domain Spotlight:

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    1. sold within the last couple weeks. These posts are updates on sales from one year ago.
      If there is more to the story that I’m overlooking, please let me know.

  1. Hey Aaron .. thanks for a great 2017 of your reports! Seeing what sort of end use is going on with domains being sold really helps us all figure out who the actual end users are! Thanks again! 🙂

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