Domain Spotlight:

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. sold for $100,000

  • This domain is an upgrade from and several ccTLDs (, .de, .be, .fr, and many more). “Athlon is your European mobility solutions and car leasing services partner. We develop innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient mobility solutions.” Alexa rank near 1.1 million.


2. sold for $68,580

  • Currently owned by an individual in China, and the domain doesn’t resolve. The value of this domain has skyrocketed in the past year.

3. sold for $50,000

  • The owner is under privacy protection, and the site hasn’t launched yet, with their placeholder saying in part, “A new webcam experience soon to be uncovered“. Alexa rank of 5.8 million.


4. sold for $31,500

  • A for sale lander is live, and the domain is owned by an individual in China.

5. sold for $28,900

  • The domain doesn’t resolve, and it’s owned by an individual in Singapore.

6. sold for $27,940

  • The domain redirects to, which appears to be an Italian-language coupons and free samples site.


7. sold for $25,000

  • It says it’s a Singapore adult forum, and the owner is under privacy protection. Alexa rank near 800,000.


8. sold for $22,603

  • A for sale lander is live, and it’s owned by an individual in China.

9. sold for $22,500

  • Traffic leader for the week, with an impressive Alexa rank near 3,300. The social news / media site received funding of $2 million in December of last year. “All Day, and our partner social media accounts like @HistoryInPics and @EarthPix, is just as intellectually curious as you and your friends are. And start digging around and you’ll realize that you’ll want to spend All Day with the site because it makes you amazed by the world. All Day is both a social news and media distribution company, working to connect social media creators and trendmakers with readers and an audience that craves this content.”


10. sold for $22,323

  • According to a rough Google translation, the site aims to be a domain lending marketplace, “followed the rapid development of the Internet network, to fully tap the market requirements, the use of modern network of innovative technologies, in order to create a leading internet domain name as collateral lending platform, service platform to create P2P lending credit situation.


Domain Spotlight: