Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Digital.com, Decoded.com, QBG.com, More

Sep 05 2015

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Digital.com for $373,750

  • You can see the placeholder below, along with a statement that the site will launch this year. Acquired by Richard Kershaw, who owns sites like Wish.co.uk and WhoIsHostingThis.com. TheDomains.com ran a quick interview with the buyer last year, though he didn’t reveal his plans. Although the site hasn’t fully launched yet, it’s still the traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 500,000.


2. Musik.de for $128,999

  • A page resolves that simply says “Musik” with a white background. Alexa rank near 4.5 million.

3. Apps.de for $64,499

  • Domain is parked, but has an Alexa rank near 13.5 million.

4. LAM.com for $61,920

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection, with an Alexa rank near 6 million.

5. Decoded.com for $50,000

  • The domain is an upgrade from Decoded.co, and the site has an Alexa rank near 900,000. Per their Crunchbase profile, “Decoded teaches people code in a day, taking people from zero skills, no knowledge and low confidence to coding a multi-platform geolocation-based app using HTML5, CSS and Javascript. Decoded believes that everyone can and should understand what goes on behind the screen.”


6. Analytics.de for $19,479

  • Domain is parked, yet has an Alexa rank near 750,000.

7. KQ.net for $13,500

  • Domain is parked and owned by an individual in China.

8. KCN.com for $12,000

  • Domain is parked, and owned by “Top Domain Limited” of Singapore.

8. QBG.com for $12,000

  • According to a Google translation of the Chinese language site, “Fun office is the first Chinese procurement office platform, 230,000 kinds of office products covering office equipment, office supplies”. Alexa rank near 3.8 million.


10. Casinos.com.co for $10,320

  • A Spanish language lead gen site is live, with an Alexa rank near 5 million.



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