Domain Spotlight:

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. sold for $1,368,000

This sale originally made the list, but Ron Jackson retracted it a couple months later. Rick Schwartz (seller) and buyer agreed to payment terms, but the buyer flaked out and didn’t complete their payments. Whois shows Rick as the owner again.

2. sold for $688,889

This is a sale by Rick Schwartz that did go through, with the new owner under privacy protection. The site that shows up is NSFW.

3. sold for $75,000

The domain was picked up by the large real estate services firm named CoStar, but the domain redirects to a MarkMonitor page.

4. sold for $60,000

The name redirects to, described as, All the popular io like,, games are all list here, you can play all of these io games at one place. Just enjoy it.They appear to have stand-alone sites on some of the .io domains, while others are redirected to is the highest .io domain in NameBio’s database.


5. sold for $59,630

The domain redirects to a Sedo domain brokerage page.

6. sold for $54,060

No site resolves.

7. sold for $31,555

The domain is parked and shows a 45,899 EUR asking price, which converts to just under $55,000.

8. sold for $27,568

Domain is parked.

9. sold for $27,000

This is the traffic leader for this week’s poorly developed names, with its Alexa rank near 6.7 million. The domain name gives a sense for their dieting philosophy, “Don’t let your diet run your life. Eat the foods you love and lose the weight you hate. Live the dream.” They feature products and online coaching, and it’s an additional domain for the people behind, based in Arizona.


10. sold for $21,730

No site resolves.

Domain Spotlight: