Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Give.com, Float.com, Coworker.com, L4.com, More

Aug 13 2016

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Give.com sold for $500,000

The domain is currently parked and under privacy protection. Elliot Silver had a nice story on the domain shortly after it traded hands last year, and stated that Brent Oxley, the founder of hosting company HostGator.com, purchased the domain. In the story, Mr. Oxley said in part, “I plan to create a charity that has 0% management fees and is 100% transparent.” and “There’ a lot of work to do still so we’re probably a year or two off from launch.

2. Returns.com sold for $65,000

No site resolves, and the owner is under privacy protection. This is the first of three sales on the list from Braden Pollock this week, and he reports that the buyer was an individual in the inventory management / liquidation business. Braden’s two other sales below are Coworker.com and FareApp.com, making for a nice 6-figure week.

3. L4.com sold for $64,000

Based in California, “L4 provides a compliant, secure and robust solution for storing and managing audio, photo and video evidence.” “We are a California based company with over 25 years of knowledge & experience in communications, storage, networking, IT, security, and law enforcement.”


4. Float.com sold for $50,000

The traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 120,000. A scheduling solution, “Join the thousands of teams around the world using Float to keep track of who’s working on what and when.


5. LRZ.com sold for $46,000

Domain is parked, and owned by an individual in China.

6. Hamilelik.com sold for $36,000

This appears to be the website for an individual doctor. The title of the Turkish-language site seems to have a few words ‘off’ in its Google translation, Pregnancy, gynecology and about IVF Prof. Dr. Bulent has been prepared by shaving.”


7. Coworker.com sold for $27,500

A directory of co-working spaces, with an Alexa rank near 250,000. “Coworker.com is your #1 place to find and review coworking spaces around the world. Think of it like Tripadvisor for coworking spaces. You can filter by all of the classic essentials such as “free beer” and “swimming pool” (sorry, no hot tub in the amenities list yet), and read real reviews from freelancers, startup teams and entrepreneurs.


8. PiuPiu.com sold for $25,000

Even with Google Translate, I can’t tell for sure what’s happening with this Chinese-language site. A dating or match making site?


9. SmartREIT.com sold for $24,000

This is a real estate company which was formed through a merger in 2015. “SmartREIT® is the culmination of a long-standing and highly successful alliance between Calloway REIT and SmartCentres®. The acquisition of SmartCentres® by Calloway REIT in 2015 created a powerful Canadian real estate provider that is fully integrated with expertise in acquisition, asset management planning, development, leasing, operations, property management and construction, all under one roof.”


10. FareApp.com sold for $23,000

Based in California, “Fare, Inc. is the premier on-demand transportation services provider. Fare’s apps quickly connect people who want safe, convenient, easy-to-use, private transportation to licensed professionals driving luxurious, late model Black Cars, SUV’s and Luxury Cars.


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