Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: OCG.com, 7Sins.com, GoodNeighbors.com, More

Feb 07 2015

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. GoodNeighbors.com for $25,000

  • An acquisition by State Farm Insurance Company, and they have a stand-alone site with a bunch of feel-good stories. Alexa rank just under a million, making it the traffic leader for the week. Although the State Farm commercials have the singular “neighbor” in their commercials, GoodNeighbor.com is developed by a senior living facility.


2. OCG.com for $22,770

  • The home of OmegaAir Cargo Group. An upgrade from OmegaAir.com.pl. “International air and sea freight Forwarder since 1999.” Alexa rank near 12 million.


3. Appliances.com.au for $20,454

  • No site resolves. Per Whois, owned by “APPLIANCES ONLINE PTY LIMITED”.

4. 1FirstBank.com for $20,000

  • Domain is parked. Owned by a Puerto Rico based bank that uses FirstBankPR.com as their URL.

4. Diamonds.info for $20,000

  • Owner is under privacy protection, and a rudimentary info site is live.


4. Reklam.net for $20,000

  • Domain is parked, and owned by an individual in Turkey. Appears to translate from Turkish to English as ‘advertising’.

7. 7Sins.com for $19,700

  • Guillotine Games and Studio McVey join their forces to produce a brand new line and product.Appears to be a type of board game. Alexa rank near 14 million.


8. BangladeshOnline.com for $18,000

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection.

9. 45Degrees.com for $17,000

  • The domain is redirected to the events page of the CirqueDuSoleil.com website. Based on their LinkedIn page, they used to operate as a stand-alone business, with a Cirque Du Soleil affiliation. “45 DEGREES creates and produces custom-made experiential content bringing the unique expertise and creativity of Cirque du Soleil, the world leader in artistic entertainment, to discerning clients who are seeking high-end creative services and branded entertainment for corporate, public and private events and special projects.”


10. NonstopFlights.com for $16,629

  • Owner is under privacy protection. As you’d expect, it’s a flight and travel booking site. Alexa rank near 11 million.


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    1. fatih

      No Jen,

      “Pazarlama” is equivalent to Marketing. Reklam is equal to “ad” or “advertising”.

      My Turkish is a bit good.:)

  1. corey

    you can probably use diamonds.info for your flips and flops section also, it sold for $1800 on 12/19/13 and then 20k on 2/16/14

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