Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Lampara.es, EJA.com, More

Dec 10 2017

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. PEB.com sold for $45,000

2. 2869.com sold for $39,567

Neither of the two domains above resolve.

3. Lampara.es sold for $38,520

The term translates to “lamp” in Spanish, and that is what the site is all about — lighting and lamps. It’s the traffic leader for this week’s lightly developed domains, with its Alexa rank near 550,000. “Lampara.es is the Spanish online store of Lampenwelt GmbH, the European leader in the field of lamps and lighting. After 10 years of experience in Europe and presence in 13 countries, in 2017 the German company launches its e-commerce in Spain, under the domain www.lampara.es.


4. LAA.com sold for $35,700

Domain is parked, and per NameBio.com, it sold again in September of this year for $36,716 at NameJet, which equates to a loss after commission.

5. EJA.com sold for $24,500

Domain is listed for sale via broker QEIP.com, with an asking price of $215,000.

6. EZC.com sold for $22,500

7. ASZ.com sold for $22,322

8. OXH.com sold for $19,088

9. VVY.com sold for $18,988

10. W55.com sold for $18,666

Each of the five domains above are either parked, or don’t resolve.

Given the lack of development in the top 10 sales, I went hunting through the next 10, but nothing too exciting has been built; one screenshot is below from Insurance.me, which sold for $15,000, and provides insurance reviews. A second is DabPlus.de, which sold for $9,630, and appears to be the home of an internet radio station of sorts.

insurance me


dab plus

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