Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: PX.com, TheRake.com, Projects.com, More

Sep 10 2016

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. PX.com sold for $1,000,000

This was a sale for cash and “unnamed additional considerations” from Media Options to lead-gen company ReviMedia. “We are building the future of Performance Marketing technology. PX is a powerful SaaS platform, which allows companies to comprehensively automate and manage their lead generation activities. With PX, you can set up campaigns, capture lead data, and verify, score, track and distribute leads all in one place.” Alexa rank near 280,000.


2. 358.com sold for $480,000

A Chinese-language for-sale lander is live. This was a dropped name which sold on SnapNames.

3. Projects.com sold for $82,550

A for-sale lander is live, with a BIN of $399,999. Owner is under privacy protection. Per the description, “A phenomenal name that lends itself well to collaborative ventures, such as a project management platform. This highly desirable investment and branding opportunity that doesn’t come along very often in the domain industry. Upon simply seeing this domain, any potential client will perceive your brand with a higher value, instantly. So, snap it up while you can as it will help you design and achieve what is surely destined for success!  “

4. Y.top sold for $78,500

A Chinese language eCommerce site is what appears to be live, and they’re selling everything from clothing, to electronics, to wine, and everything in between.


5. Scarf.com sold for $63,000

The domain is currently redirected to the Chinese-language Weijin.cn, and you can see that site below. It should be no surprise that they focus on scarves, and a snippet of English I found on their site is, “For 22 years we produce only scarves”.


6. TheRake.com sold for $42,000

The domain was an upgrade from TheRakeOnline.com, and they describe themselves as, The modern voice of classic elegance and the champion of discreet luxury. The world’s leading luxury men’s style and lifestyle magazine for men with taste.“. They have a print magazine in addition to their online articles and retail shop. This is the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 225,000.


7. OAL.com sold for $33,000

The domain doesn’t resolve, and is owned by an individual in China.

8. SGJ.com sold for $31,500

You can see the placeholder below. The ‘About’ page simply says, “Hi, I am Jack, a web developer from Shanghai.”


9. Aitch.com sold for $30,000

An eNaming.com lander is live.

10. ISU.com sold for $25,000

Domain is parked.

10.  Zoff.com sold for $25,000

No site resolves.

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  1. steve brady

    Speaking of the term “media options”, I went to the hospital yesterday for an X-Ray due to a boxer fracture to a finger from a bike wreck on Aug 27 and I said to the radiologist “do I have any media options?” She said, “I don’t understand?” So I said, “Can I get a copy of the Xrays on a CD before I leave?” And she said, “Oh yes of course.”

    If you don’t ask they won’t give you a CD. Your doctor retrieves your X-rays online over hospitals LAN.

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