Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Refi.com, PremierModel.com, More

Mar 18 2018

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Refi.com sold for $500,000

The domain was picked up by individuals affiliated with the lender at FirstDirectLending.com, and you get what you would expect at the site, with a focus on refinancing debt from homes, credit cards and more. The site is the leader for this week’s lightly trafficked names, with their Alexa rank near only 11 million.


2. W9.com sold for $130,000

3. MoreMoney.com sold for $67,000

4. PWW.com sold for $45,000

Each of the domains above are parked or don’t resolve.

5. Philmar.com sold for $22,500

Whois still shows Braden Pollock’s Legal Brand Marketing, even though he was the seller, but you can see the screenshot below for Philmar Entertainment, based in Los Angeles. The domain is an upgrade from PhilmarEnt.com and PhilmarEntertainment.com. The current site doesn’t say much about them, but according to their lander at PhilmarEntertainment.com, “We are very proud to present to you a brand new entertainment company named Philmar Entertainment.” “The development of new talent and the global positioning will be one of our key tasks.”


6. HealingHolidays.com sold for $20,000

The owner of the developed co.uk bought their .com. “Healing Holidays is the UK’s leading independent spa and wellness specialist, with a dedicated and highly knowledgeable team who visit and extensively review the world’s very best spas, retreats and clinics.”


7. MichelleMason.com sold for $13,000

The designer of a clothing line upgraded from their .net.


8. Advu.com sold for $10,000

The site is under development, and the owner is under privacy protection. The site’s title tag implies a video advertising platform is in the works.

8. PremierModel.com sold for $10,000

This is the fourth upgrade domain for the week – either from another extension, or a longer domain. This is a shortener from PremierModelManagement.com. Based in London and formed in 1981, the company “is one of the world’s top model agencies, representing some of the fashion industry’s most successful faces. “


10. Dealer.net sold for $9,600

A Uniregistry page is live.

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