Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. for $675,000

  • An upgrade from, it’s the home of an online project management software. Traffic leader for the week, by a long shot, with an Alexa rank near 6,700.


2. for $512,307

  • According to DN Journal’s post last year, this domain was picked up “in an auction of previously reserved names held by CNNIC (administrator of the .CN Registry)”. Alexa rank near 9 million.


3. for $175,000

  • Owned by Valio Ltd. Per Google Translate, LGG® probiotic efficacy is proven for more than 800 investigation. It reduces the common cold and allergies, as well as to keep the stomach condition.


4. for $98,000

  • Formerly the home of Junction Investments, which offered a way to “Invest in major motion pictures alongside professional film financiers.They were acquired by Seedrs, a company that does equity crowdfunding, in October of last year.


5. for $51,500

  • Owned by Missouri Star Quilt Company, the “quilting tutorials” site has an Alexa rank near 17 million.


6. for $50,000

  • “ is an online retail company based out of Southern California. We pride ourselves on carrying hand selected products that are built to last and have a clean design. We continuously hunt and source quality goods, so check in frequently to view our latest findings.” Alexa rank near 380,000.


7. for $40,500

  • An upgrade from the, which is where the .com is redirected. “What is homify? homify is your new online platform – We’re all about living & building.


8. for $40,000

  • Their website is still under development and shows a Lebanon physical address, and a email address.


9. for $36,500

  • “Coupon codes” in Danish. Appears to be an additional name to supplement the .com —- the .dk is redirected to the .com. “Thousands of free coupons, discounts and offers!


10. for $33,500

  • Owned by beer giant Heineken. “Desperados is a one of a kind beverage crafted at the crossroads of beer and spirits techniques. It is blended with tequila barrel aged lager with notes of lemon flavor to provide a refreshing and smooth taste.”



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