Update on Top 10 Sales from A Year Ago This Week: 114.com, Orio.com, LiveSafe.com, XModels.com, More

Jun 27 2014

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. 114.com for $2,100,000

  • $2.1 million is good for #3 on the list of 2013’s reported sales, behind only KK.com at $2.4 million, and IG.com at $4.7 million. The domain is parked, yet it’s still the traffic leader for the week with an Alexa rank near 1.2 million. WHOIS shows it owned by Eric Chow of New York. That name may be familiar because he has purchased other domains such as Textile.com, Line.com and Estate.com.

2. LiveSafe.com for $65,000

  • An acquisition by McAfee (Intel), and they have the domain directed to their LiveSafe product page at McAfee.com. “McAfee LiveSafe protects your data, identity and all your devices.


3. WhiteSale.com for $36,000

  • They only have a placeholder live for their future “home products” site.
  • The high price was really a head-scratcher for me……..until I read that Mike Berkens was the seller, and then it made more sense……because he regularly takes buyers to the cleaners.


4. Speck.de for $23,220

  • The master website for German company Speck Pumpen. They also have sites live at Speck-Triplex.de and Speck-Pumps.com. The 100 year old company is “a leading international manufacturer of high-quality pumps and compressors for industrial applications”.


5. Orio.com for $17,500

  • A re-brand from “Saab Automobile Parts”. The re-brand was a result of deciding to expand to other manufacturers of automobiles. Alexa rank near 2.8 million.
  • Not to be confused with the tasty cookie – Oreo.com.


6. CriminalDefense.net for $16,500

  • Parked domain, owned by an internet marketing firm, according to Whois (likely on behalf of another owner).

7. BayCare.com for $15,250

  • An acquisition by a healthcare practice with one location in Los Gatos, California. “We provide adult, pediatric and children’s after-hours urgent care and related services to the South Bay Area.” Interesting to see they have other distinct sites live, such as BayCarePediatrics.com and SouthBayChildrensClinics.com.


8. Lighting.com.au for $15,060

  • Redirects to a relevant page within RestorationOnline.com.au, “Australias most comprehensive renovation and restoration website“. Old school website design.


9. DuBank.com for $14,900

  • No site resolves. Acquired by NIBC Bank, of Germany. Something is in the works…….they also control DuBank.net, Du-Bank.com, and DuBank.biz.

10. XModels.com for $12,900

  • Appears to be a recruitment site for internet models. An upgrade from XModels.ch, which is where the .com is redirected. “Become a webcam model at home and earn money. ” If this domaining thing doesn’t work out for you, there is always XModels.com………….


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