Update on Top 10 Sales from A Year Ago This Week: WWR.com, ServerDeals.com, GoHunt.com, Komedi.com, More

Jul 04 2014

Listed below are some updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DNJournal.com.

1. Body.com for $380,000

  • Controlled by “Law Offices of John Benedict”, probably on behalf of a client. That’s alot of $$ to drop on a domain, to only have a GoDaddy page resolve.

2. IDTech.com for $75,000

  • the nation’s #1 summer computer camp provider for kids and teens, with programs held at over 80 prestigious U.S. universities.” I.D. in this case stands for Internal Drive, and they used to have their main website at InternalDrive.com. Alexa rank near 60,000.


3. GoHunt.com for $31,000

  • goHUNT.com is a digital platform and community built for western hunters” “The idea for goHUNT started in early 2013, by a family in southeastern Nevada with deep passion for hunting and with experience pursuing big game all over the American West.” Alexa rank near 2.2 million.


4. StartNext.com for $25,000

  • No site resolves. Owned by a web developer in Germany, per whois.

5. WWR.com for $23,100

  • An additional domain name for a law firm — they became Weltman, Weinberg and Reis back in 1994, but only acquired WWR.com last year…..they had been residing on Weltman.com.


6. ServerDeals.com for $22,200

  • An upgrade from the .org, though they have duplicate sites live on both domains. “your one stop shop for all of your hosting needs!” Alexa rank near 800,000. They need to update their whois info……it still shows DomainNameSales.


7. Catalo.com for $20,000

  • A health food company upgraded from a bunch of domain names……they have CataloUSA.com (which is where their acquisition is currently redirected), CataloHealth.com, Catalo.co, and more.


7. Leeo.com for $20,000

  • Their lander is shown below. A couple other domains they own give a clue for the industry they’re targeting: LeeoHealth.com and LeeoLabs.com.


9. Pirc.com for $19,000

  • Your very own personalized circular full of the sales and coupons you actually want. We are now open for early access!”  Alexa rank near 1.8 million.


10. Komedi.com for $18,400

  • Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 25,000. A Turkish language site is live, and per Google Translate: “Turkey’s Social Entertainment Network.” “Funny and Interesting Pictures of Turkey, where the Shared Social Entertainment Network.


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