Domain Spotlight:

Listed below are updates to the top ten domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DNJournal.

1. for $500,000

  • A re-brand from Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 40,000. They describe themselves as a company that “connects Brands directly to Publishers. We enable brands to release their news directly to the media, circumventing the Press Release and Public Relations Middlemen. Thereafter, Brands have the ability to utilize Paid Distribution to distribute the story to their target audience.


2. for $110,000

  • A simple ‘website coming soon’ page is live. Whois lists the owner as “American Family Media, LLC”, and has an email address. Related domains they own include,,, and hundreds more.

3. for $71,500

  • An upgrade from They dropped nearly $40k a couple weeks earlier on the typo, so these folks know their way around domain names. They have a Facebook page with over 46,000 likes. Alexa rank near 400,000. “Fortnite is the living, action building game from the developer formerly known as Epic MegaGames.


4. for $59,000

  • Their under construction placeholder is below…….showing an online identity firm is coming. Owner has a South Africa address.


5. for $55,000

  • “We have been buying cars nationwide for over 30 years and have an A+ rating with the BBB.” Of course, their website doesn’t actually say who they are, and their domain is under privacy protection. Alexa rank around 3.3 million. They know a little something about SEO, because they’re already outranking the .com, in a competitive search phrase with $10+ CPC.


6. for $50,000

  • This domain was needed due to a re-brand to ‘Allegheny Health Network’, from ‘West Penn Allegheny Health System’, which resided at


6. for $50,000

  • You can see their placeholder below, and the tagline translates from Spanish to ‘Curtains, Blinds & Awnings’. Owner under privacy protection.


8. for $46,000

  • The owner of this domain may need a free website builder, as there is nothing live. Owned by a company called ‘World Wide Web Hosting’, which owns related sites.

9. for $43,000

  • This domain was likely acquired by Nokia, as it forwards to their website, which is another music streaming site. Nokia MixRadio. It’s like having your own personal radio station.


10. for $31,500

  • Their placeholder is below. Based on the links they’ve posted to the Facebook page, the domain describes exactly what they’re envisioning…..a next generation university.


Domain Spotlight: