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Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. for $725,000

  • A big purchase by Bill Kara, domainer and developer extraordinaire. Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 1.1 million. “For all the time they spend on it, parents and teachers still can’t get every student to love math. Since a command of numbers opens so many doors, this is an opportunity lost. At MathGames, we want to change this, to combine the worlds of learning and play in a powerful new way, a way that will change the lives of millions of students around the world.


2. for $99,000

  • No site resolves. Whois shows as the owner, and that domain forwards to the developed

3. for $50,000

  • Ownership under privacy protection, “WE ARE A NEW YORK CITY STARTUP BUILDING A SUPER-SMART FUNDRAISING SOLUTION FOR K-12 SCHOOLS.” Alexa rank near 3.6 million.


4. for $30,000

  • Ownership under privacy protection, and the domain is parked.

5. for $29,000

  • Whois shows the owner as “beijing hjx technology develop co.,ltd”. According to a translation of its ‘About’ page, they’re owned by a publicly traded company with the name of Acorn International, and has a market cap near $55 million.  “Acorn International, Inc., an integrated multi-platform marketing company, develops, promotes, and sells a portfolio of proprietary-branded products; and third parties products.” Alexa rank near 3.9 million.


6. for $25,410

  • Painfully boring ‘About Us’ description, “Bondholders is an independent advisory and process implementation firm specialised in fiduciary, corporate trustee and capital markets mechanics services and the leading provider of independent professional Comisario services under Spanish law.”


7. for $22,000

  • Parked domain. Strangely owned by “Boat World”, and I’m struggling to understand the connection to ‘home tests’, unless they’ve become domainers (the email is associated with 300+ domains, most of which relate to boats).

8. for $20,005

  • No site resolves, and the owner is under privacy protection.

9. for $19,250

  • Heck, I didn’t even know existed…..and someone got nearly $20k for a 3-word domain….albeit 3 words that have  high CPC….around $8 per Estibot. “Same Day Loans is a finance and credit business that has been operating since 2004. Well established in the field of short term credit, we’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers with Payday loans and other financial services. Our philosophy is to assist those who are in need through responsible practices and great customer service.”


10. for $17,000

  • An abbreviation for Kensington Temple, a religious organization based in London. Alexa rank near 2.2 million.


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