Update on Top 10 Sales from A Year Ago This Week: Hassle.com, Credo.com, Home.co, More

Sep 05 2014

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Pizza.net for $150,000

  • Under privacy protection, and no site resolves. By comparison, Pizza.com sold for $2.6 million back in 2008, Pizza.es for about $48k this year, and Pizza.today for $4k in March this year.

2. Credo.com for $75,000

  • An upgrade from CredoMobile.com, which is where this domain is redirected. A mobile phone company with a social mission as well. “For 28 years CREDO has been dedicated to making the world a better place. Since 1985, we’ve raised $76 million for social-change nonprofit groups.” Alexa rank near 10.8 million.


3. AliChat.com for $53,000

  • Owned by Alibaba, but redirects to a Sedo market overview page.

4. MEX.com for $39,300

  • Acquired by Central Nic, and the domain redirects to their homepage. DNW predicted YourName.mex.com domains might be on the way. Alexa rank near 1.8 million.

5. Rool.com for $35,000

  • A simple ‘coming soon’ placeholder is live.

6. Home.co for $26,000

  • Forwards to DIY.com, which is the home of B&Q, which is “the largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK, employing more than 30,000 people nationwide.” “For our financial year ending 2 February 2013 our retail sales were £3.7 billion with profit of £187 million.”


7. MoneyGenius.com for $20,500

  • Much easier to spell and remember than where it redirects: BethKobliner.com. A personal finance author.


8. Hassle.com for $16,000

  • They hook you up with a home cleaner.Free up your time for the things that matter in life. Hassle.com helps match you with local, trusted cleaners online – all in 60 seconds.” Currently only in the UK. Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 135,000.


9. Merchandise.co.uk for $12,872

  • A simple under-construction page is live. Appears to have traded hands again early this year, according to a press release, “Promo Gifts UK Aquire Merchandise.co.uk for Reseller Program”, and it discusses offering subdomains on Merchandise.co.uk.

10. InterScene.com for $12,500

  • Parked. Per a link from their parked page, “Interscene.com platform is part of the Global Ventures Network. Founded in 1996, Global Ventures is the worlds largest virtual Domain Development Incubator on the planet.”
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