Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: YYF.com, NBT.com, TheStores.com, More

May 21 2016

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. 95.net sold for $140,000

No site resolves, owned by an individual in China.

2. YYB.com sold for $68,000

This domain, and two of the following three sales, do not resolve and they’re each owned by individuals in China.  All were brokered by George Hong of Guta.com.

3 (tie). MFF.com sold for $50,000

No site resolves, owned by an individual in China.

3 (tie). YYF.com sold for $50,000

The traffic leader for the week by a long shot, with its Alexa rank near 150,000. A Chinese-language eCommerce site is live, and the Google translation is a little rough, “Buy one yuan hair cloud is a truly profitable shopping site, here are the most fashionable merchandise, home shopping feeling, all in one yuan to buy hair cloud.


3 (tie). YYH.com sold for $50,000

No site resolves, owned by an individual in China.

3 (tie). NBT.com sold for $50,000

The domain redirects to Cashslide.co.kr. The parent company seems to be named NBT, standing for Next Big Thing, and their first product is Cashslide, “a lock-screen mobile advertising platform. Cashslide displays full-screen advertisements and high quality contents to mobile users through the everyday lock-screen in a perfectly seamless way.”


3 (tie). TheStores.com sold for $50,000

Based in Berlin, and with three bricks & mortar locations, “THE STORE is a place to inspire, create and enjoy that reflects contemporary culture from within Berlin and beyond.” Alexa rank near 4 million.


8. AOAO.com sold for $49,900

Domain is parked.

9. YYM.com sold for $47,000

This site is temporarily unable to access” is the Chinese language message that is live.

10. Draftboard.com sold for $45,000

No site resolves.

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  1. Eric Lyon

    I’ve always found it odd when multiple sales are reported with whole rounded numbers (E.g. x5 sales at $50k exactly). I’m not really surprised that most of the sales in the list are Chinese buyers. Personally, I think the buyer(s) paid to much for them. That’s just my opinion though. 😉

  2. Post author

    Hey Eric, I agree the rounded numbers seem funky, but Ron Jackson has a good track record for scrubbing sales before they make his list.

    Re: overpaying, it will be interesting to look back in a few years to gauge if they overpaid. I personally believe those LLL.com prices will be higher in the mid-long term, but that’s just an opinion as well.

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