Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: StyleBox.com, WeedShops.com, Zilli.com, Light.co, More

May 02 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. EveryDayCounts.com for $40,000

  • An upgrade from Every-Day-Counts.com. An online fashion shop with a bricks & mortar location in Amsterdam. Alexa rank near 1.3 million. “every.day.counts was created with one vision – to simplify our cluttered wardrobes until we want to wear every piece we own.


2. Zilli.com for $31,510

  • An upgrade from Zilli.fr. A men’s fashion site,The Finest Garment for Men in the World


3. FilmesOnline.com for $28,000

  • The domain is parked. Owned by Chris Chena, per Whois —– an incredibly successful domainer.

4. Light.co for $25,000

  • They have raised just under $10 million in funding. Their About page says, “creative technologists on a mission to reimagine the art and science of photography”. They’re involved with the cameras for smartphones. Alexa rank just under a million.


5. Orexin.com for $19,999

  • Owned by Merck, with its multi billion dollar market cap. It forwards to their Belsomra.com domain, which is a prescription medicine for people with sleeping problems. Orexin is “a central promoter of wakefulness”.


6. GreatIdeas.com for $19,000

  • The domain is parked, and appears to be owned by a domainer, as the same contact person controls over 4,000 domains, per Whois.

7. WeedShops.com for $18,000

  • A “dynamically driven GPS based website and marketing conduit for the marijuana industry.” Or, according to their Facebook page, “Where The Grass Is Always Greener“. Alexa rank near 5 million.


8. Lavon.com for $16,000

  • A bag / purse / tote shop.


9. LeClub.com for $13,700

  • Domain does not resolve.

9. StyleBox.com for $13,700

  • The traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 400,000. Per a translation of the German-language site, “StyleBox is Germany’s first fashion portal that combines price comparison, voucher codes and cashback.


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