A Visual Look at Recent LLL.com Domain Acquisitions in Use

Jul 02 2014

I find it interesting and educational to see how some domain buyers are utilizing their recent acquisitions.  While the majority of recent LLL.com acquisitions are parked or don’t resolve, there are still a few that have been developed, and some screenshots are below, along with the sales prices, current owner and use.


CHZ.com sold for $6,876 in December 2013 and is currently owned by ChannelZero Inc. A bargain of an upgrade from TVChannelZero.com. “Channel Zero is an independent Canadian media company that owns over-the-air channel CHCH Ontario and a growing bouquet of specialty channels”


BWM.com sold for $15,000 in January 2014 and is an upgrade from BlueWaterMedia.com. “Blue Water Media is an award-winning information technology, web design, and interactive marketing agency based in Washington DC with offices in New York and San Francisco.”


OSA.com sold for $20,000 in June 2013 and is currently owned by Osa Family Clothing Co. Ltd.


BIX.com sold for $46,000 in November 2013 and is currently owned by One.com. A DropBox alternative: “a free, safe and secure cloud storage & sync- and share service for all your photos, docs, music and videos .


DPC.com sold for $60,000 in August 2013 and is currently owned by Dew Point Control, LLC…..an upgrade from DewPointControl.com. “DPC™ was founded in early 2003 with the idea that it would lease JT and refrigeration units to the local producers needing to meet the 45°F HDP (Hydrocarbon Dew Point) pipeline specifications that were prevalent in the East Texas region.


GAB.com sold for $200,002 in April 2014 and is currently under privacy protection. Anyone have any guesses on what’s coming?

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  1. Tory


    Great piece, hopefully this becomes a regular edition on Domain Shane + Accidental Domainer.


  2. Helmuts

    humm.. bix.com seems like waste of money.. at least for such a product. It just seems that they had to get a short and generic 1 word domain like box.com if they want to compete with dropbox or G drive.

    interesting article, tx 🙂

    1. Post author

      Definitely surprising to get such a close name to Box, if that’s who they’re going to compete with.

      Thanks for stopping by Helmuts.

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