Wait!!! That Name Dropping With All the Bids Is Mine……Was Mine

Mar 18 2010

giraffe_in_the_houseI was scanning through the old “Pending Deletion” list last nigh at Namejet and came across a name I recognized, whino.com.   The reason I recognized it is because it’s mine….or was mine.  It was at my least favorite registrar, melbourneIT.   They are ridiculously expensive to renew, impossible to get answers out of, and hard to transfer out of.  I got the domain cheap and really didn’t care to go through the hoops to keep it.  I didn’t think twice about it and let it go.

Evidently, the name is more popular than I thought as there are 15 bidders that put in their name for the auction.   I’m not really sure if I have any ability to get it back or not.  There are no signs of it in my account and calling them is tough since they only have an Australian number.  It expired in December if I remember correctly so my time may be up. I really wouldn’t have cared if it wasn’t staring me in the face. As usual when I drop a name and it sells, I wonder to myself “where were all these people that wanted the name at when I owned it”?

PS:  The pic has nothing to do with the article, I just thought it was funny

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  1. Ms Domainer


    My first gut reaction:

    “I would have gone to hell and back to keep that name.

    Short, descriptive, memorable. So many possibilities…

    Maybe you should bid on it…”

    Then I realized it’s a typo.

    So let ’em duke it out at Namejet.



  2. Ciprian

    “There are no signs of it in my account and calling them is tough since they only have an Australian number. ” Dont get me wrong, but waht does and Australian number mean? It means that you cant call them? Get your shit together, i’ve been calling “american numbers all my life”

    1. Post author


      I promise to get my shit together from this point on. You’ve made me see the light. I am a changed man and will no longer be so lazy. Ahhhhhh

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