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Was 3dPrinting.Guru The First Reported Resale of a New gTLD EVER?

Last Friday the domain 3dPrinting.Guru was sold by Page Howe and purchased by Phil Harris.  I have heard of other purchases by Phil of new gTLDS but this was his first.  According to my relentless research (read the blogs).  I believe this may be the very first resale of a new gTLD.  It was listed here for sale on my Book of 10 and although it was in discussion before being on the list, I am still going to take 100% credit for the sale and tell people that I was a part.  As time goes and I tell the story enough it will become the truth.  Congrats to Page on the sale and good luck to Phil.  I hear that they are going to stop making new extensions this Friday so it may play out just fine.  I could have heard it wrong though.  On a side note and a very irrelevant fact,  I am pretty sure my wife went to High School with Phil in Rockford, IL making my story about me being part of the sale even more believable.  If anyone believes they know of a resale before last Friday let us know.  Us means me but Us sounds more believable when trying to establish a precedent.

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5 Replies to “Was 3dPrinting.Guru The First Reported Resale of a New gTLD EVER?”

  1. What is funnier, is that Page Howe wasn’t exactly in full support of gTLDs but then he ‘broke down’ and registered a few, if I recall his words correctly. It’d be interesting to know the sales price.

  2. Good job to everyone involved, a very historic moment in internet history……I see Page Howe picked up, he should do well with it as I see that the registry is pulling I.technololgy and other one letter domains.

  3. Page got game ! … Kudos… maybe he can work that magic to sell my DomainName.GURU and DomainNames.Guru for an tidy sum…unless I pull them off the shelf to develop as considered … Game On !

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