Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping Around The Internets 12/21/11

Dec 21 2011

Today starts the beginning of some big price auctions over at I’m not saying it because they are a sponsor but because they are fetching tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Makes you wish you had a whole pocketful of two and three number dot coms with lots of eights in them.  Here are those names along with the rest of the names I like today. At $130,000 and ends early in the morning. It’s met reserve at Sedo and it’s cheap at $5K At $61,500 and should make reserve A $15,000 reserve on this one and it still may go Not a cc guy at all but this name might change me.  The WOW guys don’t mind typing in .cc Not some project but A project.  1995 Birthday and Both 1995 Birthdays with nice letters.  I see both going over $400 American or English. They both work.  Only four bidders for the 12 year old domain Another nice four letter And another.  Four letters that end in “A” are worth more to me because they can easily used by Association A lot of interest for a snapnames name Domainers are going to like this one I think the computer guys like this one

Names found using (and yes it’s been running a little slow)

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  1. Clay Burt

    Nice set of names, but I’ve been away a while and noticed some days you crack jokes about half the names and some days not…

    Is it a time thing or a sleep deprivation thing or what (I personally like the colorful, uhh, humor)

    1. Post author


      It all depends. Sometimes I’m feeling it, sometimes not. Really depends if I’m in a hurry or not. If not, the jokes start flying. Always in a good mood. I have lines in my face from smiling so much. Life is good, just not always goofy 🙂

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