Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-28-12

Mar 28 2012

The list is a little short today but like usual Dropday was moving exceptionally slow when I was doing my list.  I would search, do a load of laundry and then come back and get the results. I still think its one of the best out there and I do get it for free so I can’t complain and I got all my laundry done.  Now on to the names.

15v.comI’m surprised its already this high Fours bad, double fours? Not as bad.  A wonderful email address and how I feel some nights after a hard day’s work  Many a business with this name. I probably should buy it myself but I don’t know what I’d do it besides resell it for a profit.  Oh wait…..  What you my wife calls me when I look at all the college girls.  Nevermind, that’s perv  2nd tier domain but still worth a mid XXXX range IMO. In valuate’s……a bit more  Get this domain for the cost of a Mexican dinner for 4 if you include a $20 tip.   Not going to comment other than to say I’m cool with them….if they’re pretty..just kidding, I respect them regardless of looks but prefer pretty ones….I’ll just shut up.  I just saw the ridiculous price. I’m going to leave this up just to show how silly some of the pricing at Snap is some times.  Not a bad own, especially if you own the dot co to protect your asset.  I now know 2 guys that have started doing this. They buy baby shrimp, throw them in a pond and raise them to adulthood in one season.  Harvest and sell them and start it all over the next.  I think you could do worse for $69

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