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Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-18-12

So nice to be back home.  I am so set in a daily routine that its hard for me to travel.  I need 2 hours a night to write and work on my domain business and when I travel for business there usually isn’t that time.  I missed some emails and forgot to do a few things but no big problems.  Conferences and shows are so inspirational.  I get so many ideas and truly seeing new plants and opportunities to make money next year.  That’s the beauty of business.  As long as you don’t screw up too bad, there is a fresh new opportunity next year.  And as we know, in my world,  plants pay the bills, domains pay for the Porsche.  Here is today’s names that I think are nice. There are already a few brands that use this name. 12 year old name for under $100 A PR 4 with good traffic. The price is for the age and the traffic on this one I like this one a lot. A steal under $250 IMO The keywords are too big to ignore. Awesome name for a build-out. I know there’s a dash but $10 for these keywords and a 10 year old domain is a good deal  Because you can’t put an apostrophe in a domain.  14 years old, one bidder I guess you would call this a feel good domain.  I’ll take it if nobody else will  10 Years old. Color noun domain always do well because they make such memorable domains.  Not just math, metamath.  Drawing lots of attention  I used to be able to get these 5Ls for $10, now look at them  See Whiteladder.  This is already up to $500  You know how much I LOVE pennies  Another great brand and the crowds agree Bookie is short for bookmaker. While I do believe that online gambling will soon be legal not sure if sports booking will. It already is in other parts of the world. Gambling names have great affiliate programs

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