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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

I started my first week of Ironman training and have to admit it’s kicking my ass. Combine it with the busiest week in the garden center world (Mother’s Day) and I literally pass out each night.  I get a rush about all that I accomplish in a day but at the same time have so much I wish I could get done.  I’m hoping to add an assistant soon.  Fortunately physical beauty is not a protected class.  My ad “Must have great writing ability, understand a little about the internet and domains, and be photogenic” may not legally wrong but my wife’s inevitable divorce lawyer would have some strong ammunition . Now onto the names. Absolutely love this name.  Reminds me of my mother. Can’t think of a better site name to sell dot orgs. a PR 6 with 13,000 plus links.  Valuable for the links alone. 1995 domain.  Premium letters and good hack name I sold G15 for $650 so this should sell for similar. Gotta love a guy that can put away some Frosted Flakes.  Wait, that’s Cereal Killers.  This one is a little more controversial. pretty good name for $69. No bidders 1994 domain so great age.  Certainly memorable

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    I’m not sure why physical beauty, for an employee, is such an important characteristic for you as an employer.

    Outer beauty is transitory (and all too often shallow), but superficiality and stupidity are forever, and a pretty face and perfect figure CAN hide a lot of stupidity.

    Yes, if the employee will be expected to a lot of physical outside work (as would be expected in your field), then I would look to hire someone who is physically fit and love the outdoors.

    But to reject someone out-of-hand because he or she doesn’t have the “right looks” is extremely limiting and says more about the prospective employer and less about the applicant. Even if the employee is to be hired for a public service area, a highly competent clean-cut employee with less-than-average looks should win hands down over someone who is drop-dead gorgeous but less competent.

    Your very own comment: “my wife’s inevitable divorce lawyer would have some strong ammunition,” is quite revealing, indeed.


    1. Ms. Domainer,

      Welcome to life. All people are judged by their physical attributes whether it’s wrong or right. Fat people are judged to have low self control due to the fact that if they can’t control their eating habits or monitor their exercise, perhaps they are not able to control other aspects of their job as well. While I find that a person is hardly judged by their nose or other “God given” attributes they are often judged by things they can control. Their weight, their hygiene, their dress. I am not saying that I condone these things but they do happen. There is a reason why a man of 25, 45, and 60 all want to date a 25 year old women. 60 year old men DO NOT remarry a women of same age. They always marry younger. I would also point out that intelligence or talent can make a person appear to be more beautiful.

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