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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Auction Picks and Droppers

I got an email from someone asking me why I put so many NameJet and Snapname domains on my daily list.  The answer is simple.  They have the best names. NameJet has 60% of the good daily names coming through on a daily basis and Snap 30%.  The rest is luck of the draw.  Godaddy is slim pickings but they’re at the mercy of what names are dropping that day and the reserves are just a little high for the few domains that get put into their auction.  I think that’s one site that will continue to improve it’s offering but NameJet runs the show right now.  Now onto the names. One of my favorite names so far this year.  Great for so many things The generic term for Groupon There’s a whole group of people that have this fetish You’re one domain away from being the kind of the bear deterrent market Morgan would know this market better but 22,000 searches is what got my attention You have a motivated seller because it’s no reserve As much war as there is in the world, unfortunately this term looks to stay relevant for a while I heard the chiseled word is coming back I only put this one up because of the categories its listed under. I have to admit I am curious where the “estimated” 53,000 hits come from.  If they are real and sustained, this price is a bargain.  I’m guessing their neither

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  1. @Robin
    I grow plants, not molest animals.

    Yeah I didn’t see it there either but every once in a while I find names not on the list.

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