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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction Picks 9/7

We have some changes going on here at DomainShane.  I’ve added two new writers/ members to Team Shane and they’ll be introducing themselves over the next day or two.  They each bring a unique approach to domain investing with one being a future domain lawyer (actually not sure what kind of lawyer he wants to be but either way I should end up disliking him at some point unless he represents me) There are a ton of great names on the board today. Too many to list.  That means some good ones will slip through so hit the lists a little harder today. AND as I said before. There are a few domainers on that cruise with no internet connection so you don’t have to worry about them bidding. Most of them don’t have a team like I do to help. Not that they listen or help. What do you get when you combine the money of big boy domain investors and lawyers?  A domain that reaches a price over $5K.  Old Tucker below is taking this side job just to stay in the first 8 minutes of bidding You’ll have to ask Francois what this one means. I think it means “fighting chickens” in French or something like that It’s a the word women use when they are describing an ugly guy to their friends.  Guys use “fun” or “easy” to hide the lack of beauty. Illustrator tips are in big demand.  A very easy build out and monetization.  By easy I mean difficult but doable. Kind of redundant.  Not a lot of small yachts.  Only one bidder Oil companies don’t have any money to buy this. You should. Wait. That might not be true A bit like Tarzan would say it but with 1900 searches and no bidders, this one is probably going to go for a good price Not a generic nor does it have any meaning. Sounds like a fake brand. Grimble Inc.

Tucker’s Picks It’s got an ‘s’ – so you’ll get more for your money. This one will break a grand.  Galvanize also available This is big business, esp when you live in a hurricane corridor.  AKA “Ship-Breaking.” If you live on the water, you know the value of this name. 1997 Birthday and copper at $4 a pound.  Let me do some math.  $4 a pound times 14 years old X no bidders = good deal

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      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Forget Boxing, Wrestling, and Streetfighting – the combination of Domaining, Biking/Running, and Plants is an even deadlier combination. I have been warned. -TP

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