Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Jan 12 2011

Here’s a little tip on how to make some money. Email every previous domain owner that has a domain dropping at Godaddy that has a value over $1000 and tell them you’ll buy it from them if they renew it. Of course make it considerably cheaper than what the auction went for. Remember you have 42 days after expiration and Godaddy usually puts them for auction at 30 days, so you have to be quick. I don’t do it, I would never want to make Bob mad, just sayin’. Now onto the names. aka Portland Great exercise site name and you probably can get it for $69. a nice pr6 domain $425 seems fair for this one and if you buy it and need help choosing content you have my email A group that goes site seeing at Wal-Mart? There are a ton of groups that offer these tours so there are people that have this interest. Real Whales not Wal-mart I have this feeling it will go cheap. No reasons just not a lot of action lately on 3 letter dot orgs. Tube names still do well and $59 isn’t bad here if you’re the only one American numeric

Make sure to stop by  Without them I have to charge you for this list. Just kidding, but they are pretty good to me.

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