Wednesday’s Daily Domains at Auction and Dropping 11/9/11

Nov 09 2011

Sold a few domains yesterday for cheap.  They were some domains that were dragging down my portfolio and thankfully I had a few offers for a $100 and gladly sold them.  They were the perfect sales.  I wanted to get rid of them and the buyers thought they got a great deal. Everybody’s happy.  Not every sale has to be for big money.  A profit, any profit is a good sale in my opinion.   On a side note  RIP Heavy D.  Here are a few domains I think you should be able to profit from. I love these types of names. Minimum bid is $880 which is a bit high.  I bought LazyHippo for a bit less than this but I do think the price is decent if you want to use it to start a brand. An action domain. No bidders so should go cheap.  Or would have it I didn’t list it here. 105 bidders agree.  Fantastic name You’re probably thinking Washington and I’m thinking photos of hotel entryways. A five letter dot com that will probably go for more than I’m willing to pay.  Then again maybe not Plenty of uses but I’m thinking of a Facebook and Linked in friend remover A unit of measurement and the word that Lil’ Wayne seems to be trying to spit out in this song. There’s already a show called this on the Food Network but they wouldn’t possibly go after you.  Or maybe they would Hundreds of thousands of kids need winter jackets.  This would be a great organization to start.  Or be greedy and just sell them Neither short nor sweet but still a very nice domain Should go under $1000

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