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Weekend Edition of Daily Drop and Auction Picks

Going to be a busy weekend with some decent weather here in old Central Illinois.  Our town is also hosting the Illinois marathon and Roger Ebert Film Festival so it’s going to be a traffic nightmare.  I’ll me taking in both.  Before I do I present you a few names I like for this weekend. Eventually going to be sold to Apple for their new improved napkin 3 letter dot nets picking back up in price since the big 3 letter dot net dump on namejet a few months ago I think this is an “s” away from being the perfect Facebook stats site A 1997 name with no bidders.  Build a little chat site and make enough money to buy I think every Catholic has been to St. Peters church somewhere This absolutely should be a movement with the slogan  “you eat too damn much”  Now that they are doing kindergarten graduations up to college,  this one applies more than ever Breaking News is a big keyword and you would think that big media would love to have this one

More coming later in the morning

Domain Spotlight:

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