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4 Replies to “Emailed Domain Values”

  1. HAHA too funny – I recently wrote an article about a health .CO domain I am developing and I got a comment with someone sending me their entire .co portfolio asking I want to buy everything.

    I passed – he thought they were worth $X,XXX – $XX,XXX and Im in another ballpark – one thats on earth.

  2. This is common and going to get even worse as the media start covering more and more of these “big” domain sales. Every newbie domainer thinks they have big money domains, and expect a windfall of sales. They’ll all learn soon enough that domaining is not “quick cash” as they all anticipated!.

  3. Sure its big money. I made over 50 percent by buying a 7 dollar domain name and then selling it for 11 dollars. I am so in the money, just call me gecko. I am looking to invest the remaining proceeds into a one word generic name.

  4. @Johnny – Don’t you mean a :p

    All anyone is going to be able to purchase with $11 in the kitty, lol.

    Good article, cheers!

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