Working Godaddy Renewal and New Registration Codes I Just Used

Jan 29 2014

Godaddy codes seem to be slowly dwindling but there are still plenty out there.  I had a bunch of renewal, transfers,  and even a few hand registrations I needed to take care of today.  Here are the codes I used today (January 9th, 2014) and they all worked for me.  Those outside of the US may have different luck.  I used a credit card for all.

$2.49 ($2.67 after fees) MARCUS249

$2.95 Dot Com Transfer ROCK295

$8.99 Renewal bb50kd5

$2.95 New Reg. Used this for another BACON295

30% of Renewals: Used for dot tv renewal but works on anything I believe    BIGWIN30

$4.95 for 3 Names, $7.99 for any more you hand register (If you run out of Hand Reg Codes) MMANUTS1

$9.99 Dot Net renewal bbx50d5

Let me know if they work for you or if you have one better.

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