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You May Have Just Seen an End to Many of the Daily List

Ahhhhh.  What do you know?  It’s all come to an end.  Namejet is officially “pausing” its affiliate program thus ending the incentive for many of the daily lists.  Like you’ve heard me say a million times.  I wrote the lists before the program and I will continue to write after the program.  Let’s see if that’s the same for everyone else.  Looks like we’re all going to actually provide some content.

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12 Replies to “You May Have Just Seen an End to Many of the Daily List”

  1. Shane, I never bid on Namejet before; but follow your list to just gain knowledge what you think about a name and its value.

    You might not profiting any money by this, but you proved to be an “Exclusive Beneficial Content Provider” to me and everyone else who follows your blog.

    This the value you offered and you’re good at it.

    Appreciate what you’re doing, keep it up as long you could.



  2. I really like the daily list, I would really like to see more analysis per domain thou. I think you should throw out more prices as it gives a better perspective.

    Also I think it would be great if you would pick up domains that many domaineers would bid on but are worthless.

  3. Hello Morgan,

    Thanks for the daily list. I am sure you have considered this but now that NJ have stopped the aff program maybe you can include 1-3 names in payed positions from people who have auctions at GD, NJ, Sedo etc and charge a fee. If you charged $20 for 3 spots although its not the Ferrari payments 😉 it would still just about stretch to the annual cost of tires.

    Just a thought.

    Warm regards,


  4. Anthony,

    Check his advertising rates. He already offers this.

    Shane’s lists are quite enjoyable because they are informative and funny. Not just a page of 100 of the best random “explosive” domains.

  5. I agree with Axel. I think you should do much more than you already do. And then you should build out a few of my sites for me and run a couple more marathons every week and pay me for reading your blog and help me get into the music business and sell me your best domain for $100 and finance all of my domain purchases and promote my new book.


  6. I’m not sure I could produce that on demand. It just comes out sporadically. And I’m glad to know that was a typo in your comment. 🙂

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