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You’ve Seen the Ads for Big Jumbo But What Exactly is ‘Big Jumbo’

If you visited any domain sites over the last month, including this one, undoubtedly you’ve seen the big orange ads for Big Jumbo.  I wanted to get a little info about the company so I sent an email with a few questions to Andrew Allemann who you may know better as the man behind Domain Name Wire but also works for Directi which owns Skenzo and a few other companies.

1. What exactly is Big Jumbo?

BigJumbo is a domain name parking platform built with the evolving world of domain name parking in mind.  It’s designed to be simple to use, and our instant sign-up feature means you can sign up and start making money today.

2. Who owns it?

BigJumbo is part of Directi’s media businesses, including Skenzo and  It is backed by both Directi and Ashmore Group, a $35b+ private equity group based in the UK.

3. What’s the difference between Big Jumbo and other parking platforms?

We built BigJumbo from the ground up to address the current domain name parking market.  While we primarily monetize domains on pay-per-click, we also use CPM and are starting to integrate more CPA as well.

It’s also a simple solution to use and doesn’t require any optimization on the clients’ part.  You can just add your domains, point them, and forget about it.  Of course if you want to get more involved you can work with your account manager to suggest keywords, templates, etc.

We also have dedicated resources to work on high revenue domain names and portfolios.  Just contact us through the site with any questions on how we can work with you.

4. Who can use it?  ie how many domains, what kind of traffic do they need

BigJumbo accepts all domain name owners with high quality traffic.  You can literally park just one domain if you want.

5. What do they have planned for the future and how are they doing in the present

BigJumbo has actually been around for a few years but hasn’t been promoted and has been invite-only.  Our relaunch means we’re now bringing on lots of new customers and listening to their feedback to evolve the product.

I’d encourage anyone who’s interesting to sign up now as we currently have a sign up bonus.  You’ll receive an extra $10 for every $100 you earn during your first 30 days..


While I don’t have enough names that actually convert from parking I have always liked the guys over at Skenzo. They are one of the few companies that know me by name despite the fact my portfolio sucks.  I would imagine you’d get treated the same way over at Big Jumbo.  I would like to see a technological move forward in parking above computerized optimization but one step at a time.  Just keeping relevant ads on parking pages is a great start.

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4 Replies to “You’ve Seen the Ads for Big Jumbo But What Exactly is ‘Big Jumbo’”

  1. Directi have several parking services, one is totally lost.

    What are the differences between:, and

  2. I always thought about that too.

    What are they trying to convey………3 different parking cos?

    If they are that lost themselves, then how can they make money for domainers?


  3. The three companies cater to different audiences and use different monetization methods.

    Skenzo – only for very large customers. Dedicated account team.

    BigJumbo – open to everyone. People that don’t qualify for Skenzo now get access to many of the same tools, systems, and feeds that were previously out of reach.

    Domain Advertising – a graphical approach to domain parking, which works very well with certain domain names.

    I should note that all three have human optimization on top of computer optimization. In fact, I’m sitting in our office right now next to about 100 full time optimizers.

  4. Andrew,

    How do I know what platform is best for my domains? Will your team use Domain Advertising platform if the domain will convert better than BigJumbo or do I have to try 100s of domains on each platform to work out what is the best fit as wouldnt have the time?

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