$1.4 Million In Sales for Sedo This Week: Full List With My Favorite Buys and Sells

Sedo continues on this week, again keeping near a million and half with $1.4 in public sales.  42% of the sales were Buy it Now and it seems that every week we get closer to half of all sales being BIN.  See below for the total list and my picks for Buys and Sells of the Week.


Beyu.com  I think $1000 was a good buy for a solid CVCV.com.  The yu vs you probably held the price down but I think this could be flipped for double the price

TigerMom.com  The term is being used more and more every day.  I think this is a $10K name and went for just over half of that.  Good buy IMO

ComeToBed.com  For $1000 I think this is a term we all know and can easily be branded.


I was going to pick some out but there are 25 or more I could congratulate the seller for getting WAYYYYY more than I thought possible.  Some people are negative and make fun of the buyer but I prefer to congratulate the seller.


Domain name Price Currency
livedoc.com 55000 USD
redrock.com 22000 USD
modernlady.com 15838 USD
usfx.com 13000 USD
discoveries.com 12000 EUR
freestufffinder.com 7491 USD
cut4.com 6805 USD
goodpc.com 6500 USD
tassa.com 6000 USD
tigermom.com 5850 USD
djsets.com 5500 USD
waystomakemoney.com 5500 USD
tastetester.com 5000 USD
thedogphotographer.com 5000 USD
landlove.com 5000 GBP
youearnedit.com 4875 USD
chinaline.com 4500 USD
labos.com 3000 EUR
freemore.com 3000 EUR
salesaroundme.com 2500 USD
hotstyle.com 2400 EUR
studioproject.com 2400 USD
idiscovered.com 2250 USD
adaptivecare.com 2150 USD
kentcottages.com 2070 USD
repoproperties.com 2050 USD
fantex.com 2000 USD
i28.com 2000 USD
peachford.com 2000 USD
visionr.com 2000 USD
vacation-homes.com 2000 USD
xiequ.com 2000 USD
a-finance.com 1995 USD
family-sports.com 1995 USD
carbonbay.com 1945 USD
alent.com 1850 USD
fyod.com 1800 USD
idefy.com 1800 USD
i-insight.com 1800 USD
terapeuta.com 1800 USD
gbtimes.com 1795 USD
freemobileapps.com 1750 USD
studioheadphones.com 1699 USD
latefile.com 1699 USD
sunroot.com 1690 EUR
kizme.com 1595 USD
marstonproperties.com 1587 USD
decorprinting.com 1500 USD
aldran.com 1500 USD
annuix.com 1500 USD
nighthotels.com 1500 USD
ncln.com 1500 USD
styris.com 1500 USD
elistening.com 1500 USD
ridestv.com 1500 USD
socialmeeting.com 1400 EUR
editorially.com 1295 USD
hamptonroadschildcare.com 1220 USD
autotransportquotes.com 1200 USD
extracurriculars.com 1195 USD
garageassist.com 1145 USD
themarketingteam.com 1120 USD
chennaigifts.com 1111 USD
in-general.com 1100 USD
thebluecompany.com 1095 USD
emtcorp.com 1095 USD
beyu.com 1050 USD
goldz.com 1000 EUR
hyzone.com 1000 USD
dahoam.com 1000 EUR
bispace.com 1000 USD
cometobed.com 1000 USD
hypernode.com 1000 USD
rockbaby.com 1000 USD
wefulfill.com 1000 USD
losmejoresabogados.com 1000 USD
agenziediviaggio.com 1000 USD
backyardelements.com 999 USD
reportwatcher.com 999 USD
wordtheque.com 999 USD
diabloforum.com 995 USD
landscapewater.com 995 USD
fscloud.com 979 USD
cloudevent.com 979 USD
losseguros.com 970 EUR
happyfloors.com 910 USD
globalproductexchange.com 900 USD
primebetting.com 895 USD
cncracing.com 800 USD
d3s.com 800 USD
dotspin.com 800 USD
motify.com 799 USD
aestheticstraining.com 799 USD
beautydept.com 799 USD
customizedwristbands.com 795 USD
aseguradas.com 750 USD
topiccloud.com 750 USD
carcarewarehouse.com 700 USD
klik.pl 10500 EUR
chocolat.fr 10000 EUR
fahrradanhaenger.de 5355 EUR
whois.cc 5100 USD
toys.me 5050 USD
gameglobe.de 5000 EUR
coloring.us 5000 USD
investor.at 3750 EUR
ineas.es 3600 EUR
mescourses.fr 3500 EUR
justhunger.de 3500 EUR
one100.de 2975 EUR
goldprice.fr 2500 EUR
ludwig.co 2500 EUR
kredit-broker.de 2500 EUR
heilpraktiker-hamburg.de 2500 EUR
onlinegaming.pl 2100 USD
tycothermal.co.in 2000 USD
makes.me 2000 USD
smorfia.it 2000 EUR
analysis.co.uk 2000 GBP
abridejardin.fr 2000 EUR
rant.in 2000 USD
vielgesundheit.de 1799 EUR
jlt.co.uk 1750 GBP
gartenschere.de 1600 EUR
tapisroulant.fr 1500 USD
meindaheim.de 1500 EUR
safeguarding.co.uk 1500 GBP
silverlogic.co.uk 1500 GBP
100tiere.de 1500 EUR
bund-bin.de 1500 EUR
meme.co 1495 USD
fernstudiumjournalismus.de 1490 EUR
zalando.mn 1450 EUR
hovenier.be 1450 EUR
newsletter.cc 1422 EUR
ictus.it 1300 USD
accu.ch 1250 EUR
scottishgenealogy.co.uk 1150 USD
neuware.de 1000 EUR
serrurierlyon.fr 1000 EUR
euronews.tv 1000 USD
gameglobe.nl 1000 EUR
easyscore24.de 1000 EUR
hyperthermie.eu 999 EUR
e-strom.de 950 EUR
weelink-systems.nl 950 EUR
rake.ch 950 EUR
symptoms.me 950 USD
geekissimo.it 890 EUR
texas.it 850 EUR
masterplan.ch 850 EUR
rampen.ch 850 EUR
amigo.me 800 GBP
m100.it 800 EUR
musikblog.at 750 EUR
presso.it 750 EUR
fussballwettentipps.de 750 EUR
managementacademy.de 700 EUR
assurancevie.net 25000 USD
cargames.net 22000 EUR
payroll.net 13600 USD
ethylotest.org 5000 EUR
congress.net 4999 USD
talkfusion.net 4500 EUR
ecio.org 2000 EUR
dentalinsurance.info 1850 USD
auto-ecoles.net 1700 EUR
dora.net 1600 USD
replacementwindows.info 1288 USD
windowreplacement.info 1288 USD
techlife.net 1250 USD
zona.org 1200 EUR
stelzer.net 1100 USD
kautz.net 1100 USD
bitenova.org 1100 EUR
lenders.info 999 USD
turban.net 850 EUR
worldheritage.org 800 USD
nxcl.net 800 USD
backplate.net 799 USD
shopping-center.net 741 EUR
humus.net 707 EUR
emotional.net 700 USD
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10 Replies to “$1.4 Million In Sales for Sedo This Week: Full List With My Favorite Buys and Sells”

  1. “Some people are negative and make fun of the buyer but I prefer to congratulate the seller.”

    If this isn’t a bullshit game of semantics then I don’t know what is.

    Its like saying when someone gets raped you choose to focus on the positive and congratulate the perp for preserving enough to get a cheap piece of A**.

    When is the last time you ate a pancake that was so thin it only had one side Shane?


    It’s that way in business too.

    1. Troy,

      I’m going to say this bluntly. You are an idiot sometimes. You have no idea that domains are unique and have no set price. Just because you are so shortsighted that you can’t see that a domain could be worth millions to a buyer with billions then I can’t help you. But don’t give me your little comparison of rape to domain prices. That comparison is not funny or relevant. When was the last time you ate a damn pancake and just enjoyed it without worrying how thick and how much syrup was on it? Just eat the damn pancake and be happy somebody made it for you.

  2. Shane,

    You seem to have no understanding that if one person sells an object for WAYYYYY more than the object is worth that another person paid WAYYYYY more than it is worth.

    I am just telling the truth.

    You are playing a game of words to try to not offend someone.

    It’s flat out disingenuous to say that when someone sells a domain for a great price that both parties are getting a deal. If you praise someone for selling a domain for a good price don’t forgot that there is someone that paid that price. If you praise someone for buying a domain for a great price then remember that there is someone that sold that domain for less than it was worth, they won’t get that back.

    You can’t have it both ways Shane, how do you not see that=) There can be a “Fair Deal” where the seller gets what it was worth and the buyer gets what it was worth. But you can’t claim that someone got WAYYYYYYY more than you thought a domain was worth without recognizing that you also think that someone paid WAYYYY more than you thought it was worth.

    It appears to me you are attempting to speak out of both sides of your mouth.

    When is the last time you carried a heads in your pocket? Or a Tails? You don’t, you carry a coin.

    I think this is a silly argument and I think your response is a product of a man that is working too long hours, getting worn out and loosing their cool because of it.

  3. The old worn out saying that a domain is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it is very true.

    A domain that is worthless to one person can be very valuable to another, it all depends on what you can do with that domain.

    There’s no black book on domains and nobody can truly judge a good deal or a bad deal until you see the end result

  4. “and nobody can truly judge a good deal or a bad deal until you see the end result”

    Then we all should stop saying “Great Deal!” whenever a domain sells, right?

  5. Troy, better go troll facebook for buying instagram for one billion without having a cent of ad revenue

  6. “Troy, better go troll facebook for buying instagram for one billion without having a cent of ad revenue”

    Yeah, because that is what we are talking about…

  7. “You seem to have no understanding that if one person sells an object for WAYYYYY more than the object is worth that another person paid WAYYYYY more than it is worth.”

    We can all look at the above list of domains and find at least one domain that we do not understand why the buyer paid what they did. We think “oh wow that’s an idiot.” or “I’d never pay that much for that” . However, I think there’s little room for any of us to judge that.

    If they paid that amount than it’s worth that much to them. Pure and simple. What’s the value of hamptonroadschildcare.com to 99.9% of the world? ZERO. Does that mean the buyer got hosed ? Nope. They wanted or needed that particular domain and believed it was worth what they paid. The minute someone plunks down $1220 that gives you their value (and you can assume they may have paid less than what they really value it to be worth to them)

    If someone buys a domain because they have to have it and there is nobody but them in the world that thinks it’s worth that much, who cares. It’s worth that much to them, in their mind.

    It’s a good sell and the buyer is pleased. Yes. this happens Troy. That’s what a deal is about . . .deals are good for both parties or they don’t happen. Simple economics.

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