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10 Post Conference Observations From a TRAFFIC Newbie

Chef Patrick TRAFFICTRAFFIC just wrapped and I’ll have to say it was a great end.  I have plenty of stories to tell (and plenty I can’t) but will have to say the most fun I’ve had in years.  Here are 10 things I’ll share about the ongoings at TRAFFIC you may not know

1. Chef Patrick cleans up well.  The first time we met he was wearing an airbrushed picture of himself on the front and glasses that lit up, then the next day he come out looking like Brad Pitt to moderate the Legal Panel discussions.  I can’t decide which look is better.  (also one of the nicer guys you’ll meet but don’t tell him I said that)

2.  Look out for Jason (, Ron Wells, and Oscar Correa.  These guys from the Southern California area are going to be big players in the domain world in the future.  Ron is a quiet guy with a big portfolio and  already makes a nice living domaining but I see big things ahead.

3. Morgan Linton is the Ron Jackson (who couldn’t have been much nicer) of domain video coverage.  He worked his ass of interviewing everyone in the industry (well not everyone ) and really got some great stuff.

gold-lounge-party4.  Tina Dam of ICANN is a hell of a lot better looking than Rick Latona.  No details, just an observation.  My favorite quote from all of TRAFFIC came from Greg McNair “If all the people at ICANN looked as good as you I’d go to every meeting” (photo courtesy of Ron Jackson)

5.  Sleep is a precious commodity at this thing.  If you do it right you don’t get home every night until 4 or 5 in the morning.  Conferences are about meeting new people and nothing brings out social interaction than a nice $500 bottle of Grey Goose at 3 in the morning at a VIP section of a hot Vegas nightclub

6.  The guys at TrafficZ know how to use the Grey Goose Magic Bullet Marketing System above and I highly recommend you move some names over to them so I can do it again. (throw some at Zaev at Skenzo for the same reason)

7.  People actually read this blog.  I couldn’t believe how many people actually recognized me.  Of course not everyone does as evidenced by this exchange.   “Hi I’m Shane Cultra of”  and he responds  “Hi Shane nice to meet you I haven’t read your blog but I’ll have to check it out” and I respond, “Thanks, and by the way you purchased 3 months of advertising on it last month”

8.  I have a new found love of Sedo.  When you meet their representatives at the conferences you’ll understand.

9.  The party at Gold was fantastic.  Latona treated us like kings.  All drinks free, as much food as you could eat served by the finest looking 21-25 year olds on the strip.  The only thing better than a Kobe Beef slider is one served by a one of the girls in the Tina Dam photo above.

10. Don’t bet $500 on the Nets and the points…………you’ll lose

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12 Replies to “10 Post Conference Observations From a TRAFFIC Newbie”

  1. It was GREAT meeting you Shane and getting the chance to hang-out at TRAFFIC! Looking forward to seeing you at future shows!

    Of course let me know if you come out to Los Angeles! Hope you had a good trip back and I’ll talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Shane. Don’t tell anyone I’m nice though, it will tarnish my reputation as an ass, lol.

    It was awesome meeting you and look forward to spending more time together. If you can, try to make Domainer Mardi Gras.

  3. Shane, I had a great time hanging out with you in Vegas … wish that you was headed to the LA show, but I’m sure that there will be more shows in your future … looking forward to seeing you at the next one! Thanks for the nice words – I’m not there yet … but your words are very encouraging!

  4. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and all the others. Being new to this, i didn’t know what to expect and had no idea that fellow domainers were so much fun and genuinely interested in seeing everyone be successful. Thank you for all the advice and the kind words; after talking to Ron and Jason, we decided that we’re going to have to live up to your comments about us!

    1. Ron, Oscar, and Jason

      It was all my pleasure and if anyone wants to know why you should go to these conferences, the relationships built during this one should show them. It doesn’t stop after this weekend, we have plenty more talks, emails, and ideas to work on together, talk to all of you soon

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