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Met an Interesting Girl in Vegas Last Night

So I met this interesting girl shortly after I got into Vegas last night. Now I’m a very happily married, faithful man but as a business man I love to hear a good sales pitch. She was doing a very god job advertising her wares and certainly must have had a degree in marketing. Her name was Vanity, a name so beautiful it had to be given at birth and she wanted to know if I wanted to party. As a country boy I though party was …..well party. So I went to the bar and bought her a few drinks. I mostly did it because I don’t know anyone in Vegas and I had a few hours to kill and like I said, she looked like a marketing genius.

Well a few hours past and she whispers this. “For $300 I’ll do anything you say but it has to be in three words” Caught off guard I said, “what did you say” She replied “you pay me $300 I’ll do any 3 words that you say” I though long and hard about it and ” replied


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7 Replies to “Met an Interesting Girl in Vegas Last Night”

  1. Hilarious… 🙂

    You should have told her your name was Humility.

    I know a guy that experienced something like this. He paid $200 to get into one of those posh clubs and met “the girl of his dreams” as he put it. She convinced him to get on out of there and as soon as they went out the door she said, “I need $300 before I get into the taxi”. He told her no and tried to get back into the bar but they wanted $200 more…..LOL.

    So, he had been dancing with her for a couple of hours and got a rash between his legs while dancing and went back to his hotel room but his two buddies had two women they had picked up and they told him to leave, but he said he had to change clothes b/c he had a rash. Well, he and his friends started to argue and the girls got disgusted by all the “rash talk” and they dressed and left.

    Everyone struck out…..LOL. His friends were angry.

  2. Paint my house…LOL…that was funny…but come on Shane…it’s Las Vegas…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! … live a little!

  3. I am no expert but when it comes to Las Vegas, I am pretty close. I was born there, got married there, have lot’s of friend and family there as well.

    Bottom line is this; if the girl is alone and approaches you, 99% of the time she is a hooker. Also, never go to a girls room unless you know her. There are many cases of guys getting drugged and they wake up an everything gets stolen from them including there organs (Not kidding).

    Have fun, but be very careful.

    Thanks, Jim

  4. Listening to the sales pitch is always fun. Once i talked to a girl for 20 minutes after saying “i’m not interested, but do you mind if I ask you a few questions” and she told me about the best places, the prices all the stuff – very interesting.

  5. They are bad-ass marketers you can learn a lot from them if you listen closely.
    Damm that was funny……..

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