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10 Reasons You Can Still Make Money With Domains

I may not know it all but this much I know is true

1.  As of this fall there will be 7 BILLION people on this planet (source).  Two BILLION of them will use the Internet (source)

2.  Michael Berkens starts every year $750,000 in the hole (source) and he still manages to make money

3. Last time I checked you still can’t sell directly from your Facebook page

4. Canadians spend 43 hrs a month and Americans spend 35 hours a month online.  15 years ago?  None

5.  The average price of a .COM increased 9 percent from the first quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of 2011.  (Source)

6. QR Codes have become common place.  And when clicked, they take you to a url (could be text).  Of course it can be any url but if it’s one that can be easily remembered they are more likely to come back.

7.  As long as nobody knows the real value of something there will always be a chance to make money

8. There are price points in our industry for everyone.  From $8 to $8 million, you can take as much risk and spend as much as you want.

9. All the info you need to make money on domains is a few keystrokes away.  There are Tools, Guides, Auction Houses, and Forums all available to allow you to sell and buy domains for profits. All you have to do is figure out which ones are there to help you make a buck and which ones trying to take and make a buck.

10.  sold for $1748 last week.   If that doesn’t give you reason to think you can still sell a few of your names, nothing will.

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10 Replies to “10 Reasons You Can Still Make Money With Domains”

  1. Reminds me of a time when…

    I’d be visiting customers and friends, and all they knew was aol… it was their internet it was their email – they couldn’t leave, they didn’t know what there was anyplace else to go to… AOL made everythng so easy – Here are airfares, realtors, mortgages, etc – the one’s paying aol. .

    They didn’t realize there was a different path.. it may still have been biased by Yahoo, MSN or Google, but at least they were only interested is getting credit for sending you to your ultimate destination.

    Reminds me of the Tom Hanks movie – The Truman Show..

  2. Well is more worth than just $1748. Ok the name it self sucks because there is “learn” at the beginning but domain has PR4 and stable backlinks and it ranks in firs page in Google for 90k exact searches key phrase.

    So I don’t think it was bad purchase for the buyer

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