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10 Things I Just Don’t Get

There are some things I just don’t understand.  Maybe I’m just naive but here are a few things that I think that could be changed for the better

1.  If you are going to consider my cupcakes two servings then I would like to at least have a resealable package.  Otherwise you are forcing me to eat all of it and therefore should be considered ONE serving.  Is there something wrong with having a serving that’s 480 calories.  You’re really not fooling me by dividing it into two.  I see a class action lawsuit here

2. Why doesn’t Sedo just let me buy an auction?  Put a price on it that is high enough I won’t throw junk in the mix.  Make it $100 minimum or the normal percentage, which ever is greater.  I’d pay $100 to get some of my names up and I wouldn’t be forced to push some of them.  I’ve heard you can work with a broker to get some of your names up but my broker thinks my names suck.  Those same names always go for over $500.  I think I know more than my broker.

3.  Why is there braille on the numbers of my drivethru bank teller?  If a blind guy is good enough to drive through that little spot between the post and the machine then the braille isn’t really necessary.

4. Why the hell is it so difficult to take privacy protection off of a domain name on Godaddy?  I think it’s easier to track down birth parents than it is to get the privacy dropped.

5. What the heck are “Holiday Grapes” and why do they taste so much better than regular grapes.  I’m pretty sure the only difference is the word holiday in front but they still got me. Maybe because I didn’t see it coming.  It’s probably like time when someone gave me cotton candy at a James Taylor concert.  At a circus it’s no big deal, but the sweet cottony taste during “Fire and Rain”… is special.

6. Why is it so hard to get money into an account at   It’s not real hard to sell a name but trying to deposit money into a new account is like trying to put money into a Chinese bank account.  Never mind, I think I answered my own question.

7. People need to be better versed in Blue Book value of used cars.  I get a 2001 Porsche 911 for $28,000 and the lady with the new $40,000 sport utility pulls up to me and says.  “Looks like somebody’s had a good year”   This also explains why I drive a 1995 Honda Accord to work every day.  I don’t need everyone asking for raises.

8. Why don’t all large websites and especially anything financial have SMS texting codes?   This is where you put in your name, password and the site texts you a code to put in for security. You get the code on your phone, type it in and bam! your in, safe and secure.   It’s so easy and secure.  It’s a heck of a lot safer than asking me the name of my first fish. You name a person without a cell phone and I’m guessing that person probably isn’t online banking.

9. Why is the chance of having sex with your wife twice in one day less than the chance of you being killed by 5 lined ground squirrel?  Your percentages over the next three days are also very very small as well.

10. Is there a rulebook that I didn’t get that says that domaining websites HAVE to have the word domain or dn in the title?  Thank goodness I did it because it rhymed, otherwise I might have been kicked out of the club.  Evidently nobody will know what the site is about without someone telling them in the title.

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6 Replies to “10 Things I Just Don’t Get”

  1. You musn’t have been married very long. Soon your point #9 will turn into twice in one week, then twice in one month, and then…

  2. Shane,

    You’re so funny — and smart. Heck, I appreciate the hell out of you! Thanks for making me chuckle.

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