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10 Things I Learned This Week on The Internet

The Internet is a bevy of information, both domain related and well…..just information.  Since I’m a sponge I soaked up the following.

1.  It looks like Google agreed with me on that whole mini site article I wrote. All my and Epik’s sites were deindexed.  I actually am happy because it will force us all to improve our sites

2. Frank Schilling can party like a young man.  He also made more money in 2 seconds than I did this year

3. Don’t watch the two girls one cup video.  It’s old I know but somehow it came up and I decided to watch……….Don’t

4. had a costume contest and not one slutty girl outfit?  Booooooooooooooooooooring

5. Jared and Bido are going to try it again but I can’t quite figure out why it’s going to be better this time.  I want them to succeed but usually you adjust what was failing and in this case it was the business model.  They didn’t change that.

6. I owe Elliot a beer.  We’ll be having it at the Playboy mansion at Domainfest if anyone wants to join.

7. Willow Smith is going to be a HUGE star.  I realize I’m not stretching too far since her parents are worth several hundred million dollars and Dad is the highest paid actor in the world. My 11 year old daughter loves her and if my daughter loves you……….you’re a star

8.  A well written, constantly updated site doesn’t need professional SEO, it happens naturally if you’re patient, keep the content fresh, and make sure you at least follow SEO 101. The sites that I do myself are KILLING all my sites that are automated or created by mini site makers.

9. FX is back on Dish Network.  It wasn’t for a while due to a squabble between Fox and Dish.  I was going to go to DirectTV just because of this.  There’s not much good television anymore and FX has It’s always Sunny and Terriers.  If they took away HBO and ESPN I don’t think I’d watch 2 hours of television a week.

10.  People still don’t know what prohibits the transfer of a domain.  Yet again I try and buy a name and it’s locked and can’t be moved.  Registrant change, recent Namejet purchase, recent transfers, all lock a domain.  And of course keeping locking does a fantastic job of stopping a transfer.  Newbies ……….geesh.  Of course I screwed up all of the above as a seller this year 🙂

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2 Replies to “10 Things I Learned This Week on The Internet”

  1. “It’s always Sunny and Terriers.”


    You can see those shows on Hulu free day after.

  2. “Willow Smith is going to be a HUGE star. ”

    I agree. Me and my daughter are addicted to this song. Willow looks just like her Father, too, ears and all!

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