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I Am One of the Most Blocked Blogs On

I understand.  There’s a lot of people that really don’t care about my opinions.  They’re certainly not for everyone.  But I’m blocked more than…….and it’s not even in English.  We have people blocking DnJournal, The Domains, SullysBlog, and Tia Wood.  Some of the nicest, non controversial blogs in Domaining.  Everyone has their own opinions and I respect them.  If they want to block me or any blog they are welcome to.  I block a few myself so I don’t take blocking personally.  I just wonder what kind of domainer blocks DNJournal.

There are very few blogs that are blocked more than mine (21) with DomainGang leading the way with 61 (Theo’s comedy is not for everyone) and the super poster Frager (51) .  The problem is that I had 17 people block me in the first week of blocking and never got a chance to make amends.  Nobody UNblocks, nobody.   Fortunately, those 21 that block my feed aren’t reading this so I can tell them to all go to hell and while some of my writing sucks, every once in a while I turn in a gem. A gem that may change their life.  Lead them on a path of wealth and happiness.  Now they will never achieve their goals or marry a pretty girl.  All because they hit a little button blocking DomainShane.

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23 Replies to “I Am One of the Most Blocked Blogs On”

  1. Did you ever consider that people block you not because they don’t like you, but because they already get your headlines on their own customized RSS desktops? Don’t take it personally.

    To be honest with you I click on more blogs from Facebook than domaining (especially Berkens, DNJournal) because the content stands out when its not buried among hundreds of the same news headlines that only stay above the fold for 4-5 hours.

  2. The blocks mean nothing. With over 700 daily visits, gets only 15% of its traffic from aggregators such as and NameBee. The majority of traffic is type-ins and organic traffic (46%) from Google. That’s the beauty of variety content versus regurgitated news about the domain industry.

  3. The Domaining dot com blocks mean nothing. With over 700 daily visits, DomainGang gets only 15% of its traffic from aggregators such as Domaining dot com and NameBee. The majority of traffic is type-ins and organic traffic (46%) from Google. That’s the beauty of variety content versus regurgitated news about the domain industry.

  4. Shane your a pretty funny guy, I like your “off the cuff” flippant style. It’s refreshing to read some of your posts. Anyone that get’s quoted in an article related to the legalization of marijuana in the N.Y. Times is alright by me.

  5. As someone who knows no domainers and does it purely as a passive income stream (Morgan Linton but smaller I guess), I’d have to say yours is one of the blogs I read the most. Top five in no order:

    1. Sully’s Blog
    2. Domain Shane
    3. Morgan Linton
    4. Elliot’s
    5. The Domains

    Those are the blogs I check every day + anything interesting that’s on the domaining feed.

    Keep it up! I’ve bought quite a few names from your daily dropping lists over the past few months.

  6. Shane you can’t please everybody …

    I for one love your blog …

    come to think of it I love Owens blog and Theos too 🙂

    You all provide very interesting perspectives and try to learn from it all.

    Thank You. 🙂

  7. “How do you block a blog?”

    it’s easy… you just need a screw gun, four 2 inch drywall screws and a piece of wood the size of your monitor screen …

  8. If Francois forced you to display “I love Domaining”, and you did…. I’ll block you too. A lot of sissy domainers in this thing. Why should Francois make all the money? There needs to be a revolution. That boy’s got 1000 markets and pumping it everyday into your heads. I refused to display his logo, if he wants me to, he has to pay for it. I’m serious. Each one of you should remove that silly “love domaining”, it makes you look like a cheap cult.

  9. The volume of people blocking a blogger is insignificant, we have currently +7,000 registered members at

    What 21 means?

    That 0.3% of our members hate you so much or find your posts so annoying that they not even want see your name, that’s nothing! Look at this in a different perspective:

    You have 99.7% of supporters at

    Uzoma comments are funny, when few months ago he was showing this “I Love Domaining” and only dropped it when I told him to have his RSS feed in he must pay a single time setup fee like all the others bloggers. Something is sure, he will never make!

  10. Opinoins are like assholes – everyone’s got them! Too bad if those people dont like your blog and block you – you have plenty of other readers who WILL read and comment. Controversey is the best way to gain even more exposure and make your blog more widespread. SO let them hate – and use the hate for your benefit – At least you blog gets traffic! HA!

  11. Yes, Theo has done a great job with DomainGang and the site gets better and better. It’s unfortunate that DG is blocked the most but as Theo expressed: it doesn’t really matter much. There are thousands of people who love DG for that measly 61 count who have him blocked.

    The same goes for you, Shane. I love your humor and your blog. You give me many giggles even if I don’t take the time to comment.

  12. I find most of the content on all the blogs is crap on a daily basis but you have to wade through it to occasionally find “a gem” as you say.

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