2016 Internet Trends

Jun 04 2016

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers annually puts out an Internet Trends report, and it’s always packed with data and insights.

Below, you can find a random mix of things that jumped out at me from the report (most of which are at least indirectly related to domain names), a 25 minute video presentation, and the slides from her report (213 of them!).

  • Global internet penetration is still only 42% (slide 6)
  • India passed the USA in the number of internet users, and grew at 40% year over year (7). Both countries pale in comparison to the 668 million internet users in China (166).
  • While there is plenty of room for growth in internet users, new users will likely be coming from lower income areas or households (14)
  • China’s “Gross Capital Formation” over the past 6 years was greater than the prior 30 years combined (24)
  • Internet advertising growth year over year was 66% for mobile, but only 5% for desktop (43)
  • Google and Facebook have an incredible 76% share of that advertising growth (44)
  • Online ad effectiveness has significant room for improvement (47)
  • Retail sales via the internet are growing rapidly, but are still only 10% of overall retail sales (60)

Additionally, for future trend domain investors, there are loads of emerging trends and technologies that are discussed throughout the report.

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