DSAD.com: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Saturday, June 4th

Escrow.com We had a big event in the family this week.  My daughter officially joined the nursery and actually punched the clock.  She’s worked before but its always just to earn a little extra money but now that she’s 16 and has her own car and expenses she’s working all summer.  It now makes my nursery a 6th generation nursery.  Been going since 1865 and although I highly doubt she’ll take over the nursery, its still nice to see another Cultra generation paying bills working hard and slinging plants.  She’s still 16 and loses focus some time but she’s learning hard work.  She had no problem running 7 miles at 5 am with me before work but she was exhausted after moving boxwoods for 4 hours.  She hasn’t take a nap since she was 2 but she took one today.  It’s been great and the highlight of my day was riding with her in the truck and she and I delivered some plants together.  You raise them to work hard and make good decisions.  I think I’ve got the first one covered.  Here are today’s names.  Click to see current prices

Shane’s Main List

893888.com  Wow, what a price.  But is a very very very special name. Only 1000 of them

LoanPayday.com   These cash advance names seem to have avoided the big hit I expected when Google announced they wouldn’t take ads for cash advance companies.

BonusPickle.com    I was just happy with the regular pickles.  Might not be much value other than entertainment

fullSMT.org   Good letters to sell to an enduser

PowerStocks.com    The nice CPC on brokers and stock related items gives this value

OneYearToPay.com  good for a marketing campaign with this payment plan

Wapan.com    Good brand and 390K results on Google.  Used to be a games site I think

TropicalCafe.com  Must be hundreds of places with this name.  I’ve had breakfast in a few of them

DailyGlobe.com   I think superman or spiderman worked here.  I may have the name wrong.  I don’t read or watch many superhero comics/movies

RGVB.com  10 years old.   Very Big

Colloquio.com  Means “Interview” in Italian

CarDealers.org      I don’t know a poor car dealer owner, that gives the domain value

LeanerLife.com Everyone needs to lead one at some point.  But its so much easier to find an excuse why you can’t.

LetItBurn.com    Pyro forum

MustardTree.com  Not really a tree but a small bush.  One of the smallest seeds there is

InstaLab.com  They seem to be setting these up in the trailer park to make meth

GreenEnergyHome.com  You know I was going to like this one.    I like green energy but like cheap energy more

WWJ.us     Dot us isn’t dead but only alive in the super short

Printing.us    I guess I lied

U2F.com  Still can’t go wrong with CCC.coms

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)


Camping.io  I love camping.  Just like io

OVU.com    U for United.   I would imagine the reserves on LLL.coms have had to come down

SOI.org  I’m a little late to the party but I’m liking LLL.orgs lately although I don’t see the returns of some other short keyword domains.  But I also don’t see the fluctuations.



Keepside.com   If you can name a company Rightside you can name a company Keepside

DialerSystems.com   If you ever have received a phone call and it takes a few seconds for someone to respond and the background is full of people talking, they are using a dialer system.   Cranks out numbers waiting for someone to pick up

EstateAgent.org   You only need one if you die

Sabres.net  A lot of teams named the Sabres.  Or you could just sell knives

PitbullTerrier.com  I think they are ugly but people seem to love them

NevadaCorporationService.com  Delaware and Nevada are the two biggest states for incorporation services

Modifications.net  People are never satisfied with stock.  Everyone mods

Laundromat.net   Don’t take your washer and dryer for granted.  Tens of millions still have to go to the laundromat

Screwdriver.net   Its a dot net but still a good brand.  And a hell of a tool

FEHF.com, RGED.com, IHBM.com, HAFB.com  TONB.com  Some nice letter LLLL.coms

MyMessenger.com    I usually use a raven

MHG.net    12 year old LLL.net with no bids.  Just kidding

XL1.com  Only at $300 at press time

DRRD.com    3rd best pattern behind AABB and ABAB

DamnProud.com    I am

BWBW.com   2nd best

63179.com    Still doing fine but certainly well of their highs

1896.net  One of my favorite years.   My great grandmother would be born 2 years later

Ike’s Main List

Nice photo Shane… Damn you facebook.

I saved the life of a box turtle today at work. It was crossing the street so I stopped and picked it up, then it peed on me.

Watch the video of Jeb Corliss flying. It’s fricken awesome.

BestPayment.com  The best payment is the one you receive


BigRoots.com Big trees have big roots,  family/heritage site

mmmmmmmm.com  Only 26 of these bad boys, 8 m’s. Delicious

CanYouReach.com  I can’t usually reach, I’m too short. I need one of those grabber claws that my grandmother would use

CitiTax.com Stupid city tax. The poor man’s city tax is BS parking tickets

CityOfSidney.com Never been there

WeNeedJustice.com  The civil Lawyers name, make them think their sueing for Justice and not just money.

WorkBoys.com Sweat shop labor

YogaSucks.com  A Yoga hater registered this one, probalby couldn’t fit into the pants.

ValueContent.com Website content, writing’s of any type. Any media that has value to someone

TropicalCafe.com  Like the rain forrest cafe, only bidder

TinyAvenger.com  sounds like a cartoon, mighty mouse

SweatyBeast.com You are one sweaty beast after you run Shane.

StopBadGuys.com A fun security, law enforcement name.

StaffingHub.com  The place where you go to find workers.

EmailCRM.com Manage all your Customer relations via email

TalkYourShit.com  Yeah I hear you, go ahead and talk your shit

Peepsters.com  Small Chickens

PainStorm.com  I will bring the Pain Storm  down on you

PadPaw.com  A nice pet store brand


PickingMushrooms.com I put this on here because it was mushroom picking season in Maryland, a few weeks ago. I’ve never been mushroom picking, but those who do seem to have fun. They’re search for a certain type of wild mushroom that grows in the woods.

ScoreFeed.com  Get up to date scores of any sporting event

RunningJump.com  A support site, a company that start ups consult with, getting a running jump and go farther

FiscalAuditor.com  Keep track of your finances

iFollowed.com  i followed, found out who one internet is following, or stalking you

InstaLab.com  The lab that instantly creates whatever you want.

ItsCopyrighted.com  Find out if the content you bought is copyrighted.

OneYearToPay.com  I think this would be a good marketing name for anything that was offer a credit plan. Maybe a furniture store.

NowKiss.com  You may now kiss the Bride. A wedding company brand

MaritimeTours.com  Tour the seas like a Pirate. Pretty much every place with water has a boat tour of some sort.

MixedCrowds.com  On of those phrases that gets said when different factions are present. Usually have a negative connotation.

SharedPlay.com Play with a friend

SportsShirt.com  Maybe too many S’s, but you get the idea I think

FloorsAreUs.com  Like Toys R us, but they only have floors. Or the flooring installers

GeniusSpark.com  I think it’s a decent brand, the spark that leads to great ideas

LetItBurn.com  When something’s too far gone to save, “Let it burn”

OvercomingRacism.com  Hate people for their stupid ideas, or the way they smell, not the color of their skin

QualityReality.com It’s like awesome VR but in real life

QuicklyBlog.com  Learn how to save time and be more efficient blogging

ArtOfRhythm.com A dancing site

AutoAvailable.com Looking for a specific color of car? You enter the details to find out if it’s available

BeardGear.com  All the stuff you need to maintain your sweet facial hair

BeardSoft.com  Beard Soft gel comes in the kit.

BunnyPet.com We had a bunny once. The neighbors dog ate it.

ClubWinner.com I like to win the ham and turkey club on wheat.

Colloquio.com  Interview in Italian.

CuzWhyNot.com  For those times when you have no good reason

DailyGlobe.com World wide news

DeliveryCo.com The company that delivers

DidntAsk.com  I don’t care, I didn’t ask you to tell me

DoPrints.com  Photos? Do we still print them out?

EliminateBadDebt.com  Get rid of the debt holding you back

FishStrike.com  I like to go Salmon fishing every fall in upstate NY. Those things are massive.

GeoPlanner.com Plan your trip around the world or anywhere.

GolfNovice.com  Has some skill but isn’t a pro yet

GrownNaturally.com  No chemicals involved with these plants or animals


HurtHead.com  Sometimes it takes a beating and hurts

ImageTraining.com  Could be photo shop, but I think it works really well for training the PR department of any business or organization.

ItsEffective.com  It does what it was supposed to do, works as advertised.

KillWell.com   If you’re going to do this do it well… The hire a hitman site.

LazyBucks.com  Don’t have to do anything for these.

LeanerLife.com  Being healthy is about lifestyle choices not fad diets, lead a leaner life.


LondonFlash.com London Flash mob, seems like a good brand for something in London. I hear it’s a large town.

OnlineTry.com  Online Rugby score


RationalWorld.com The world where everyone is logical


RootsNetwork.com  The roots of a plant go out into a network looking for nutrients and water… I think I’m not the plant guy

SignalCycle.com  The buzzer that tells you your laundry is done

SmarterPill.com  Stop studying and learning, take this pill

SocialInsurgent.com  The person that hates when people post their problems on facebook. They hate is so much they closely follow every post and tell everyone how much they hate people that complain online.

SpinCard.com  Take this credit card for a spin, it doesn’t have a limit. Buy yourself a Billion .XYZ’s

StopDefault.com  Stay in your house,  big money in default

StreetLore.com  Urban legend, The word on the street

TakeOneBite.com  Just one bite and you’ll love it.

TheLiquidGroup.com  An investment group that’s all liquid

TheWordClock.com  GMT

Trigged.com  A math site for something I know nothing about

VinFix.com  After you steal the car you need to change the VIN

VitalCareer.com  Careers that are essential to the society, like nurses, doctors and domain bloggers

Vloggr.com Looks like Video Blog kinda.

ZenPill.com  Reach Zen via pharma

ZombieMind.com  Lot’s of people with zombie minds that aren’t diagnosed as acutal zombies.

Your LLLL.coms of The Day


LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday















Octaz.com,  Prevoc.comSarcko.comSostro.com



And a Few Numerics

183200.com 175200.com042415.com948668.com512015.com





A few 5L City code, Pattern and Wang enders


Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and Now VR

Most of these VR names have bids and most are ridiculous.





One Worders and CCTLD’s

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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