Domain Spotlight: Brokers Sale of for $2.3 Million

If your read the recent report on DnJournal regarding the the sale of for $525,000 you now realize that NN.coms are reaching record breaking levels.  Andrew Rosener of MediaOptions, Oliver Holger, and have become the power brokers in the numeric dot com catergory. I was just informed today that back in July, brokered the domain for a staggering $2.3 million, making it the highest numeric domain sale ever announced and one of the top over domain sales of all time.  The buyer was who will now use as an intuitive and sybolic portal for their website.  55Tuan is a leading discounts site in China that is similar to Groupon.  The reason the information was just recently released because is very private about the information of their and thus the reason that you don’t see their sales on the weekly lists very often.  They have been nice enough to share the information with me and have allowed me to make this sale public in order to show the incredible demand and deals being completed in the numeric domain space. has been an integral part of the numeric domain market and their clients have all been part of most of the big numeric domain sales of late.   The buyer of was a “royal” client from  They had been communicating between T.J. Demas (the seller) and Andrew Rosener on behalf of their client with the help of Oliver Hoger.  And the deal $358,00 for reported in DnJournal in May was also one of their clients.

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  1. Wow that is a nice sale indeed. They could have had mine for 1% of that 😉
    No idea why I bought those but hey 🙂

  2. I’m an infant on a learning curve with the domain stuff and really appreciated some of your posts I came across. Woke me up on 5L domain selection mistakes I was going to make. But I wanted to comment because I live in Beijing and have spent some time on the cultural differences related to domains.

    The Chinese are all about numbers, especially 1,5,8 so I assume the large amount of popular numbered domain names here is a cultural thing for Chinese. They all have QQ, similar to facebook but [email protected] is your email. All the usernames are like 8-12 digit numbers.

    But the selling price surprised me, because Chinese avoid the number 4 like the plague. They’re superstitious about it because the word “four” sounds similar to the word “death” in Mandarin. And these superstitions and number preferences are just as pervasive with the younger generations. Most common wifi passwords are made up of 1s and 8s. And when you are picking a cell phone sim card number in China, numbers with a lot of 8s are more expensive, sim card numbers with a lot of 4s are dirt cheap, like $3-4 cheap.

    All I’m saying, whoever has isn’t bad off.

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