You Like Investing in Domains, How About Patents? Fruit Label Made of Organic Soap

Oct 27 2011

If you’re like me you are always looking to make good investments.  Domains, websites, anything.  I came across this yesterday and I thought it was brilliant.  Scott Amron invented the fruit label that is made of soap.  Adding water to it allows you to instantly wash your produce. Here are the benefits as listed by Scott.

– Washing turns label into Fruit Soap
– No stickers to peel off and throw away
– No expensive produce wash (fruit wash) to buy
– Displays Price Look-Up codes for fast & accurate check-out
– Label can also be removed normally by peeling off
– Water resistant
– Washing / rubbing with water triggers the turn
– Helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides

Scott is looking to sell 10% of the rights to the patent. I haven’t checked to see how much he wants for the labels but I absolutely could see these on every apple.  And yes, he didn’t register but I can imagine one of our readers will take it. I wasn’t going to even mention it but I know how you guys think and you would have registered it anyway.

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  1. Jones

    There is a downside to every product, nice hype, but testing still has to show an accurate account of the inventors claim, I am guessing he will sell out to a major company, and collect royalties if all works out. 10% stake has to be 7 figures at this hype based point.

  2. Jones

    I would think they would go with something more generic than the word FRUIT in them, guy just wasted $20.

  3. Michael

    Although my info is public on whois, can you kindly remove the trolling comment by Jones with my address please Shane? Thank you.
    I’ll get more than $8 for this one for sure. Oh…… and Jones……. you mean more generic like and just in case ; ) Go check that whois as well if that’s waht you do with your spare time bud.
    You can say whatever you want man, nextime email me personally before you go calling me a squatter and dumping my whois in a comment section on a blog…. let’s act like adults maybe and not children, or is that just toooo much to ask? Wait…. this is domaining, I should expect this….. ANYONE can be a player, that’s the beauty of this game I guess.
    By the way, there’s no marks filed with and after doing a TESS search, so…. do some research nextime before you go triple posting about me.

    Thank You

  4. Michael

    And show a little bravery nextime troll, link your name to one of your sites or email me personally. Unlike you, I would at least take responsibility if I’m going to jab at someone’s hand reg. or anything at all. It’s $8 anyway (well$24 to be exact, I got 3 names), one less pack of cigarettes I’ll smoke this week and 20 min more on my life clock, no sweat if it only sells for a few grand down the road…

    Sorry Shane, now Im stooping to unheard of levels, its over with. Just remove my info if you can, its accessible if someone needs it, but no need to be broadcasted on your blog. thanks!

  5. Michael

    Early bird catches the worm people….anyway, luckily I’m the “biggest fan” of DomainShane and picked up a low risk investment for $8 because I stay UP on your writing and blog. He’s just jealous, even when he acts like he isn’t, or else he wouldn’t have triple posted like I just did. Except without the cowardice ; )

    I’m out!

  6. Jones

    Micheal, Your kind bring a black eye on this industry, you just register crap domains, and when you sell one for $200, go register 20 more crap domains, your kind will soon go away with your renewal fees.

    People are not going to be going to their local store and buying these wash labels, you should understand the product, one company will handle it, and they will brand it, and pay a royalty to the inventor, your terms are meaningless, and no company will ever pay for them, ambulance chaser.

  7. Michael J. Hudak

    Ya know Jones, I’m REALLY not sure why I’m even coming back to this thread, but hell….. why not, its 1:35 in the morning and I’ve been up since 4:45am and I’m finishing up a 24 hour no sleep work day, why not end it with a good laugh (your comment did it for me) Let’s address it:

    1) I’d be happy to compare portfolios with you and see who has “crap domains” and who doesn’t. You have my email…… although I’m not one for pissing contests. I’m in this space to make money and that’s it. What you do or what you own or have means nothing to me, but like I said, if you would like to compare assets, by all means, shoot me an email and let’s do it. Domains, stocks, funds, real estate, women, cars, education……who has the bigger tv maybe? Bigger penis? All the meaningless stuff in life besides, well ya know….I’m not going to type it again. Let’s even start a sports team rivalry maybe? I like the Yankees, Giants, Nets, Devils……..born and raised in NY, just how it is round here. Since you think you know how I domain and what types of names I own and all that, let’s just get it all out on the table so there’s no more assumptions big guy. Again, why even go down this road with a coward troll who wont even link one of his domain names to his comment or email me personally to discuss like a real man.
    2) I can verify one sale last year for you that will pay my renewal fees for the past two years and the next 10, plus a hefty profit, that sale was a bit more than $200 and it was a DASHED .com, one of my mediocre names if you ask me….. but that’s not important, (It would take ALOT more than renewal fees to put me out of this business, I actually turn a profit domaining, unlike 75-85% of the industry, you probably included- but who cares?) why would you know that anyway, you’re just a comment troll who knows it ALL

    I DON’T CARE who is buying these labels, what company does what with the patent, who gets royalties, etc……. I liked the name Shane posted and I registered it, and if it wasn’t me who did, it would have been someone else…. I also don’t need to explain myself to you and never will at that. It was a cheap shot posting my whois info in a blog comment, that’s clear for all to see as it was fairly erased. As far as being an ambulance chaser…….. that’s the best you got? I’m going to verify that it is actually Scott that just emailed me inquiring about this domain and not you being a doucher and acting like a child as it seems you like to do. IF you have any BALLS, email me or add me on linkedin and stop trolling and we can discuss further. You also have my home office address if you’re anywhere near NJ and would like to have tea and crumpets with me and the gang, my treat ; )

    -Domain Shane’s “biggest fan”

    Scott Amron [email protected] to me
    show details 1:27 AM (30 minutes ago)
    Hi Michael,

    Well played sir.
    Would you be willing to sell us your newly acquired domain name? 🙂


    Scott Amron
    Amron Experimental

    We’re buddies on LinkedIn now, so let’s see what happens….. I’ll be more than happy to post an update for ya on my blog. Make sure you check it out>

    G’nite, this thread should be closed for comments after this if you ask me, because I’m finished responding to your silly banter and ASSumptuous, that’s probably not a word, PRESUMPTUOUS stupidity.

  8. Michael

    Tom…. Since Shane didn’t post my comment from lastnight…. he already came a knockin, for Im not sure vegetable wash has a lot to do with this particular patent, but its still a SOLID name….. good stuff. Suck it Jones.

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