Domain Spotlight: Releases Top 15 Sales for the Month of May: 15 Domains Sell for Total of $1.84 Million

While we domain investors concentrate on English speaking domain markets there is a world of a billion people paying top prices for Chinese word and numeric domains.  The DnJournal monthly chart would look a whole lot different if the Chinese didn’t hold the sales prices so close to their chest.  But you could say that about almost any auction house.  There are many high prices sales whose prices never see the light of day.  (thank you Michael) was nice enough to provide me a little more insight about their sales by sending me ranges and the top 15 sales of the month.  The total for just these 15 was almost $1.9 million  ($1,844,683 to be exact).  Here’s a look at the top 15 sales with ranges or exact prices if given permission.  They are listed in sales price order so you know that the names listed above an official price sold for more.  (more than $450,000) (more than $150,000)  ($310,000)     (“mint” in Chinese)   (more than $150,000)     (“beautiful girl” in Chinese)    ($102,089)    (“baby” in Chinese)  (more than $75,000) (“search” in Chinese)  (more than $75,000)   (“constellation” in Chinese)  ($74,000)   (“Express delivery” in Chinese) ($52,000)  ( “925” in Chinese, just seeing if you are paying attention)  ($47,589)   ( “pomegranate” in Chinese)  ($45,547)  (“milk tea” in Chinese)  (more than $30,000)  (“Womens Dress” in Chinese) (more than $30,000)   (more than $30,000)   (more than $30,000)

Makes you want to learn Chinese doesn’t it?     Congrats to and all the sellers

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  1. Nice sales, if you weren’t Chinese or familiar with the language, some of those non-numeric domain sales would be puzzling.

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