Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-5-12

I am going to be moving some of my money back into the stock market today.  I am an options player and I will be selling June and July calls and buying October and November calls in a few stocks.  It is easy money right now with the market falling.  Even stocks like Ford are selling off despite having great sales and everything headed in the right direction.  At $10 in my opinion, its a steal.  But you can’t fight the market. It can stay irrational much longer than you can stay solvent.  But enough about that risky stuff, let’s take a look at the domains on the auctions board that have some value.

ExoticMotors.comThis domain is getting the price is so highly deserves. I’m addicted to sports cars but smart enough not to buy them. I almost buy one every day. This could reach the price of a wrecked exotic car.

HeavyDrinking.com It’s what half the people are doing while they are buying their names Only $12 for the 12 year old domain

HeartCharmBracelet.com 3600 searches, $1.21 CPC and a $1900 Valuate.com. All for the low low price of no bidders and $12

RunnersChoice.com  I admit I may be a bit biased but the name IS 15 years old and nice sports brand.  No bidders at press time

EpoxyGarageFloor.com   It’s a huge trend.  Making the garage floor as nice as the floors in the house.  I was hoping I could steal this one but a few people already found it.

MyCheese.com  Not huge value but certainly an easy to remember name.  Then again add “Who Moved” to the front and you have a 100 million dollar name

 4697.com  This should cross $3000

Walmert.com  There’s a bunch of domain buyers that live off these types.  I’ll keep my judgement to myself for once and just leave this here

ECMI.com  What would the list be without a few LLLL.coms?

RoyaltyFees.com  Again, another name I thought I would be alone in the bidding but others have good taste.  Still only 4 bidders.

 CheckDomain.org Pretty solid name for a domain tool and no bidders so its cheap

Dragos.com   Rocky V is probably driving this price.  His name might have been Drago

PPCB.com  Great LLLL.com and not a lot of bidders

 RightTouch.com  Some people say I have the right touch but they don’t realize I touch twice as many things as most people so I am bound to have something go well.

If you think you can hand register something better then goHere for a $4.99 domain at Godaddy Code is gofx2005

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  1. Stick with domains if you have found a profitable niche that you can keep turning. Stocks dilute too easily …
    Buy up some trees to flip and land as well …

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