4 Nice Domains Dropping Today

It’s Monday and with each day is an opportunity to have a week of some good catches. I didn’t see very many good value names.  There are a few great ones out there but with 80-100 bidders on many of these, I don’t have the cash to be a part of most of these.  Here are the 4 I thought were nice.

lloroporti.com It means I cry for you in Spanish but the reason for the 650K searches is the song of the same name from Enrique Iglesias.  With no bidders this could go cheap and you could put up the lyrics and a few ringtone ads and you’ll do fine.

Cholesterolchart.net 0 bids so no much interest but not sure why.  Another simple site to put up.  A cholesterol chart, some description, and a little SEO and  most like you’re at the top of this search term that has a  $2 CPC (the plural is dropping as well but I don’t like it as well)

OnlineTradingAccount.net The $12.90 CPC drew my attention but from past experience I know that broker affiliate programs pay very well.  Good money to be made here rating online brokers

BestiPhoneApps.net Huge market for this one. I’m in but not real in so bid away.

Domain of the Day: