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Good Deeds Go Rewarded, Thanks to Luxury Names

new-imacEvery Christmas, my family picks a family in need(this year two) and buys each member a gift for Christmas.  We’ve been blessed and have everything we need could ever want so rather than try and make up stuff to buy for each other, we put our effort towards buying gifts for people that appreciate it much more than we do.

I spend hours and hours per day on the internet and view it as a gateway to the world. One of the families we’ve chosen has the bare essentials but not much above that.  We decided to buy the family an iMac computer and one year of high speed internet. Many people would say just give them money but we find when we give them money it tends to just go to more bills and the kids don’t get presents. Buying a Wii only makes the parents spend more money on games and controllers. The nice thing about the internet is the family shouldn’t have to spend any money to enjoy it.  Their Mom is computer savvy and the iMac does make it easier to maintain.  They each will get their own personalized email account and I’m positive they’ll really enjoy having a computer and the net.

This was a little more than we normally spend on a family but I just felt the internet and my computer have changed my world that it could change the family’s as well.  My wife was a little upset was going to spend so much, that a few toys and some clothes would have been enough.  I told her “what comes around, goes around” and that every penny we share will come back to us, one way or another.

Then came the Luxury Names drawing hosted by Patrick.  I have to admit I watched it because Patrick had a pretty girl and a limousine, two things that draw a guys eye. I had purchased pancreatituscancer. com in the Luxury Names auction so I had a vested interest in the drawing,  but assumed my chances were somewhere between slim and none.  Besides, I had only paid $125 for the name and bought it only to do some tests and the super high click rate.  Low and behold, at the end of the video, my name was drawn and I won £1000 and a year of their DomainSuperstar tools ($750) a year.

After my jumping up and down like I had won the Superbowl, I went up to tell my wife. Our “conversation” about the proposed purchase had just been a few minutes before.  She was pretty sure  I had already known I won and that’s why I was buying the computer.  This might have been because I told her I WAS going to buy them a computer not that real truth,  that I HAD two days before.   Of course, she thinks it’s a great idea now.

Here comes the part where I get back in trouble.  The money I’ve won is going to be spent on domaining because that’s where it came from.  The computer is a seperate deal.  I have two ideas, one is to go to one of the domaining conferences.  TRAFFIC is out.  Way too expensive and of the three people I asked,  all three said they would pick one of the others first.  That would leave DomainFest and DomainMardiGras.

I love the idea of learning and meeting,  but the more I thought about it, what if I put that into a good name or put it into developing a site. I own  coleus dot com which  has the potential for very good revenue and the $1400 added to the money I’ve already set aside would be enough to get the project rolling. I also thought about using DomainSuperstar’s tools and DomainStryker’s tools and seeing what I can do with the money.

No matter what I do, I am thankful.  Thankful for what I already have and thankful for Luxury Names for giving away such a nice prize.  I may not need or be deserving of such a nice gift but I know some families that are.

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  1. Maybe you can teach them how to make money off the internet. It’s an amazing gift you are giving them but I’d be worried there will always be the temptation to sell it when times are tough.

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