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5 Domain Trends I’m Buying

There are plenty of ways to make money in domaining and even more ways to lose.   Some people buy generic dot coms, others buy other tlds and develop them.  I like to follow trends and try to capitalize on them. I really like to buy and sell “commodity” type domains, collectibles, 3L, 4L, 3N, 4N types.  The goal is to see value early, buy as many as I can afford and then get out.  Some times it’s a quick flip of weeks. Often it takes years.  It’s very much like trading it’s as simple as buy low sell high.  Buy the rumor, sell the news.  Here are 5 Domain “trends” I’m buying, notice how most are dot coms.  If you buy any of these types of names and lose money don’t blame me, there is always risk involved in this business.  Of course, if you make good money the tip jar is over to the left.

1. 4 Letter Numeric Domains: Aaron and IDNBlog stole a little of my thunder on this one when Frank Schilling said he liked these.  It’s a little later than I would have liked but I still see a ton of value.  The average price for a 4N dot com is $500 and I see that doubling over the next three years.  The better ones go for more but I really can’t say it any better so I’ll refer you to Frank’s quote from yesterday morning

I like numeric domains.. there are only 999 three number .com’s and 9999 four number .com’s Those are not fairly valued when you consider that numbers are the ultimate IDN. They are global and universal across all languages. Many of those numbers when read aloud in foreign languages sound like words. Chinese co’s are rushing to numerical names for that reason. And many good ones are not fairly valued. Get some translation software or a friend who speaks mandarin/Cantonese and start sifting through numbers. There’s lots of latent value there because many folks don’t know what they’re looking at or what they’re holding.

2. Marijuana domains.   I joked I had a moral issue with it last week but the truth is I’ve been buying a few of these names because I 100% believe they will legalize it eventually.  I was furious I missed out on   Whether or not I think pot is good is irrelevant. I truly believe these domains are great investments.  Just don’t buy long tail keywords because high people don’t type very well.

3. LNN.coms I know this seems far fetched but look closely at the prices these are fetching.   They are very easy to remember, could be a company name and there are only 2673 of them.  You can buy these for $250-300 and often sell them for $400 -500 on Sedo. Why not  That would just be crazy, that’s why.

4. I’m finding that they are ranking exceptionally well on Google and that users really don’t care that it’s dot org. I can’t say the same for the other non dot com,net, org domains but that’s not to say they do or don’t work.  My personal opinion is that the Big Three are pulling ahead more than ever.

5. An example of this would be .  Google seems to like them.  It cost much much less than the generic but to me, almost has the same effect.  IMO, dot com is a bargain when you think of the cost vs the value.  I realize there will be very little to no type in traffic but compared to quantity of traffic I hope to receive, the original type in will just be a drop in the bucket.  I am in an auction for .  While I don’t know what the final auction price will be, I can guarantee it will pale in comparison to and yet will still easily identify what the site is all about.

Again, this is just me.  I am wrong just as often as I am right but fortunately over the last few years my rights have more than paid for my wrongs (see  I see the trend continuing with these

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12 Replies to “5 Domain Trends I’m Buying”

  1. I just went a little wild buying some various 3 character .info domains. I enjoyed your comments about .com. Do you think I have much hope with these. Estibot values some of them quite highly.

    1. I do like dot info for development but that’s about it. As long as you didn’t pay too much for them you may do OK but I wouldn’t expect to make very much money with them

  2. I’m just having a little trouble understanding the value in names. I’ve seen quite a few of these in the drop lately. I imagined they’d probably do fairly well from an SEO perspective. Are you thinking mini-site?

    1. John,
      Again, no scientific data here, just something I would try. Yes these would be for building a site. Any name will work for a site but if you’re going to pick a name why not use for a site pushing credit cards?

  3. Thanks for sharing. 1 to 4 quiet useful. Not sure about 5.

    Regarding, I have never seen that kind of name on first page of Google so far. Wouldn’t Google or any SE will consider it as scam?

    Would it be possible for you to give one example of that ranks on page one of Google.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I have absolutely no facts to prove number 5. I figure for the cheap prices I would give it a try and see how they rank. I’m pretty sure they don’t consider it a scam but again, this one is just a “try”.

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