5 Nice Domains That are Dropping Today

Nov 30 2009

Every day I peruse through the list of domains dropping for the day and come up with my favorites.  Today is a little light but here are a few I think are a good buys.  They may not be the best drops on the board but I think they offer a good return for your money.  I usually concentrate on my niche for links and traffic but these could change my mind if they go cheap.

Toadlicker.com (@namejet) Not many backlinks but gets pretty good type-in traffic and is 10 years old

Inspirationandmotivation.com(@Godaddy)   Title explains site very well.  DMOZ listed, gets decent traffic, 7 years old and 80+ links

Soybeanfutures.net and .org:(@Godaddy)   Not much history here but this could go for $10 at godaddy and would certainly be worth that

Badmusic.org:(@Godaddy)  I’m not sure there’s any investment potential but it is a great name and its 12 years old.  The .coms and .nets are taken.  PR2

Statuecruise.org and net: (@Godaddy)  I only like this because of its PR7 and it’s travel related name.  Could be a nice add for the price if you are a travel name investor

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